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Thread: Is RAM upgradation in imac restricted to 4 GB only

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    Is RAM upgradation in imac restricted to 4 GB only

    I have got a imac , I was facing a bit of slow performance issue in my portable device , so one my my colleague had recommended me to upgrade the RAM , I already had installed 1 GB of RAM in it , I decided to upgrade it to 4 GB , but I have removed the 1 GB RAM stick that was installed previously , my question is that can I install the spare RAM stick in another RAM slot and make it 5 GB of RAM , I am asking you because I have heard that there are certain restrictions regarding the RAM upgrade in imac and you cannot exceed it from 4 GB . Is it true ?

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    Re: Is RAM upgradation in imac restricted to 4 GB only

    Sorry to talk a bit off topic but there could have been some other reasons as well for that slow performance , nevertheless there is no point returning back as you have already purchased a RAM stick of 4 GB . Well coming back to your doubt I do not think that there are any sort of RAM upgrade restrictions but still you can test it if you want , you can test my placing the 1GB RAM stick in hat additional slot and check whether it works or not.

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    Re: Is RAM upgradation in imac restricted to 4 GB only

    If you check the Specification article in the Apple forums for imacs you will come to know a bit about it , it states that you can make use of a 1 or 2 GB module in each slot. If your iMac is not this model, you should go after Apple's specifications. If your imac is working with a 4 GB stick in one slot, very well, but I would not have gone after this it. Additionally, RAM modules must be upgraded in even number configurations (2, 4, 6 etc.) - not 5.

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    Re: Is RAM upgradation in imac restricted to 4 GB only

    I am content with the scheme of 4 GB RAM stick and a 2 GB RAM stick being used all together , but I do not remember that a upgradation being done with a 4 GB RAM and 1 GB Ram with you about the 4+2, I don not 't remember having seen an uneven figure of Gb either. But I have heard and it is being stated that upgrades can be done in uneven figures. So you should do as you wishSince the 6 GB kit would be less expensive than a 4 and a 2 GB individually, maybe you can have a word with them into selling you the kit and you give back the 4 GB? Just a suggestion , rest is upto you .

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