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Thread: Need Swype for Blackberry Storm 9530

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    Need Swype for Blackberry Storm 9530

    Yesterday I have watched a video in internet. The video was very different. In that video the people are using the new technique of messaging or testing is called as swyping. That was the first time I am seeing this kind of texting and hearing that name. It looks quite awesome. I own a Blackberry storm. Now I need to know is whether it is available to download for that mobile or not. Actually mine is a touch screen mobile. Anybody has seen such kind of downloads for Blackberry Storm 9530? Any help will be much appreciated.

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    Re: Need Swype for Blackberry Storm 9530

    I know and I have seen that many mobile have been presently using this messaging or texting method. The name also looks awesome “swyping”. But as far as I know there are no such download results available for Blackberry Storm 9530 on internet. Some fake websites providing a title that there is some version of swipe for download for Blackberry Storm 9530 but they are actually not. If this swyping available in your mobile then you had so far found it without any difficulty.

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    Re: Need Swype for Blackberry Storm 9530

    I cannot appear to acquire the themed edition to install. I have downloaded the zip file then I unzip it but I couldn’t find the apk file inside the directory. I then copy that directory to my SD root folder and used Astro to install. I selected Swype.HVGA. and opened it but there was none selections to install. There were only two tabs one is Summary and the other one is Details. The details telling that the installer couldn’t open the Swype file. So I think it is not compatible for this mobile yet.

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    Re: Need Swype for Blackberry Storm 9530

    Now this swype app is not available for Blackberry Storm 9530. You may get it later because it is still in the development process. But for now it is only available for Windows mobile platform. As your know QWERTY is the new type of text input in touchscreen based phone. But the new challenger called Swype works as one-hand input. Which means it is pretty much fast. Here instead of pressing every key independently, you pull your touch from letter toward letter and the word will be generated automatically.

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    Re: Need Swype for Blackberry Storm 9530

    The swype works awesome. You will really going to like it if your download it once in your mobile. Yes it is specifically for touch screen phones. It will complete your texting faster than any other normal mobile do. You just need to rotate your finger over the letter in the touchscreen. I mean just continually press the keys in the keypad of touchscreen and the swipe will automatically put the whole message without any mistake. You don’t need to type the complete word. If anything wrong entered then you can easily correct it by double clicking over that word.

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