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Thread: Is AKAI Launching New Smartphone

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    Is AKAI Launching New Smartphone

    I have new phones of AKAI and have heard that the phone is being launched by the QWERTY keypad and the phone is having the multiple functions in it. This mobile phone is ready to revolutionize the way we handle information from multiple applications on their computers, intelligently without having to spend as much as you would if you have to buy a smart phone. So I just want more information regarding this and also the varieties of the application that is being supported by the phone. Please help me out with the information regarding the phone and also the multiple functions that is being supported by the phone.

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    Re: Is AKAI Launching New Smartphone

    The elegant dual SIM Connect-book AKAI offers a full QWERTY keyboard and full email capability is being made for people who want to be stay connected even when they are on the move with their emails and the Internet. And among the most of 10 exciting models that AKAI has launched the dual SIM category, is also one of the most affordable price of smart phones that can be taken by any of the middle men. The Symbian smartphone has inbuilt Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. And the phones are currently available through 15,000 outlets in the country with an increased target of 20,000 outlets in the coming months.

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    Re: Is AKAI Launching New Smartphone

    The high end dual SIM QWERTY model is said to be designed for all the kinds of society,and especially for the business class.QWERTY keyboard makes it easy to send SMS, MMS and email with ease and comfort. The model boasts of great features and applications, because it comes with a smooth scroll wheel and is loaded with the Opera Mini browser and MSN Messenger for social networks.The installation of the Internet makes it easy to access and update information online with the help of a full keyboard and a large wide-screen display.

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    Re: Is AKAI Launching New Smartphone

    This elegant and easy to use phone comes with a 6.1 cm full QWERTY QVGA display, 3.2 megapixel camera and 3.5 mm audio jack. And also it is that some of the other features of this phone is the dual-mode, the E-book compatibility, and the USB and Modem Support, Photo Editor, the Motion Sensor technology, along with the Video Call screen blacklist. And also it is said that most of the messaging features are bright and uses the enterprise applications such as Java, Edge, and many of the application in it.

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    Re: Is AKAI Launching New Smartphone

    All keys are especially marked and adequate space is provided between each set of keys. The phone should appeal to lovers of the QWERTY keyboard, as it has the QWERTY keyboard and an external display for quick navigation notification which is made available for the price of Rs. 5795. As part of its takeover scheme, which is also offering memory card 4 GB free. And also the connect for the book's dimensions is said to be 107 x 60 x 13.33 m, and is weighing just grams, so you can easily carry in your pocket anywhere to portability and instant access to the outside world.

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