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Thread: How can I create Folder on the Samsung Galaxy Tab

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    How can I create Folder on the Samsung Galaxy Tab

    Well I have recently purchased the brand new Samsung galaxy and it is just two days old. I halve also installed lots of application on the same now I have decided to organize the application by moving all of them on the same folder but I am unable to create the folder on the same. Or you can say that I am not aware of how to create the folder on galaxy tab. Now I am in a tangle and canít do anything so please help me in this case.

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    Re: How can I create Folder on the Samsung Galaxy Tab

    Well this is the very easy I mean to say that creating a folder in Samsung Tab is very straightforward and you can do it in seconds. Now what you have to do here is that just try and tap anywhere on the galaxy tab and hold the tap for a moment and then a option will automatically come and it will show you the option to perform in that you have to just select the option called create folder. And in this manner you can create the folders and later on can move all the application on the same.

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    Re: How can I create Folder on the Samsung Galaxy Tab

    I am also facing the similar kind of problem with the tablet pc if mine. In fact I am also using the Samsung galaxy tab only. Now the thing here is that whenever I create folders on the same then in the next login the folder disappears from the same. I meant that when I restart the tablet pc after creating the folder then the folder is not present on the path it should be. I canít figure out what is happening here and really unable to do anything. So any help regarding the same will be appreciated.

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    Re: How can I create Folder on the Samsung Galaxy Tab

    I have gone through the problem that you are facing and it seems to me that I can help you out in this case now as said by you that the folder disappears then you have to first check out in the recycle bin for the folder itself if it is deleted by someone then you will find it there and if it is not in it then you have to just search for the particular folder and then see whether it helps or not. I am sure that if you will use the search the folder then you will definitely find the respective folder and if still you arenít with anything then you have to just try and place at the complaint in front of the customer care center of Samsung and then hope for the best.

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