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Thread: Nokia 5800 XpressMusic never show "call waiting"

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    Nokia 5800 XpressMusic never show "call waiting"

    I am having the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic and I can say that this is a very good phone. It is from 3 months that I am using the phone and now I noticed the problem in that. Normally if we call to some person and if that person is busy with call to some other person then it should show me the "call waiting" message. But in my case it is not showing me any such message. If the person is busy then the call simply gets disconnected. Can you tell me that if it is the bug or it is the way the phone is made? Please reply to this as early as possible. Thank you.

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    Re: Nokia 5800 MusicXpress never show "call waiting"

    For the feature to be activated you will have to do one simple setting in your phone and that will be able to solve the problem for you. This is known as Call waiting feature. So if you want to do that then you will have to go to the settings section of your phone and select calling option. In that select call and open call waiting. You will have to activate that. Once you have done this then you will get the message which you are talking about when the calling person is busy with some other person.

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    Re: Nokia 5800 MusicXpress never show "call waiting"

    I donít think that the above posted setting should be done in your mobile. The settings are very correct but this should be activated in the phone of the person whom you are calling. If you do this on your phone then if you are talking to anyone and someone is trying to call you then will get the call waiting message. So you should check if this is the same case with all the numbers? You can also try to call some number that is having this call waiting function activated and see if you are getting the message or not.

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    Re: Nokia 5800 MusicXpress never show "call waiting"

    This can be the problem with the network provider of which you are using the SIM card. So the best way is to contact the network providerís customer care and ask them about the issue. See if they can solve the problem for you. If the issue is from the providerís side then they will definitely tell you the exact reason and the solution for the issue. If I get any problem like this then this is my first step to get the problem resolved and most of the times they solves the issue. I wish that you will also get the answer from them. Thank you.

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