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Thread: Getting low volume comparing to other HTC wildfire

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    Getting low volume comparing to other HTC wildfire

    I have bought HTC wildfire around one month ago. So related to this I want to know that is there any kind of issue with my cell phone. In this I have found that the Volume on the cell phone is really low compare to other HTC wildfire well this matter comes when I make the call so the receiver says that he is not able to hear me. And also I have found that the matter is same with playing the music as well. Can you guys have any suggestion regarding this. Hope that you all will come up with some valuable suggestions.

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    Re: Getting low volume comparing to other HTC wildfire

    Well if you are having issue with the call then regarding this I think that it because of the network coverage. So related to this you can easily come to know about it if you make use of te some other sim cards. And then you check this whether you are getting improved or at the same level. Give this a try for once and the whether I am correct related to this or not? Try this and please post your result in your next post. I am sure that this will really fix your issue.

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    Re: Getting low volume comparing to other HTC wildfire

    Sometimes many of the users facing this kind of issue because they have not update their software. So for this sake you just once check regarding this. I am also sure that you are also facing this because of this reason only. So first thing you confirm this and if you are going through this then the simple solution for this is just update your software. And if it is not because of this then related to that I do not have any idea. But I am sure very soon you will get fix for this issue.

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    Re: Getting low volume comparing to other HTC wildfire

    Related to this I want to ask you that have you upgrade your cell phone os. And regarding this if your answer is not then I will recommend you to first go for this. And if your answer is yes then it will be great if you downgrade this many of the times many update arise this kind of issue. Just do this and let me know what is happened in this. And after that if it starts working fine then after a week you go for the update.

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    Re: Getting low volume comparing to other HTC wildfire

    I think that the issue is because of some conflict in between the Software and regarding this I will recommend you that you are able to go with resetting the cell phone. I sure that this can really resolve the issues. This is the recommendation related to this issue. After this you have to go in to the Privacy tab and after this you are able to select the Factory data reset. And in the Factory data reset you have to choose the Reset phone option and then lastly choose the Erase the whole thing option there. Hope that will really work for you. Please let me know about the same.

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