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Thread: How to reset my MEP code entry counter

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    How to reset my MEP code entry counter

    Does somebody be familiar with a method on the way to reset the code counter? I have entered a incorrect mep codes furthermore I require to reset it on the way to enter the good one. I got a trouble. I have wasted many tries by that code. I really need to reset the counter back to 10 tries left? If you have any idea or any suggestion regarding to this issue, please let me know as soon as possible. Your suggestion would be appreciated.

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    Re: How to reset my MEP code entry counter

    I have a resolution for older Blackberry but not certain if it functions with the 9530. Blackberry resolution for mep code (0 left). This is the solution for anybody have mep code 0 left inside his phone that no attempt left to enter code.

    1. First of all you need to have a desktop manager, if not installed then Install it, it is a free download from a Blackberry website.
    2. After installing the desktop manager connect handset with computer.
    3. Now open this software its explains booting rom and ask you for phone unlock code (note: itís not asking mep code just user code). If not cell phone code inserted after that it update rom automatically.
    4. Now your phone reboot, next you get mep code(10 left) in network lock segment.

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    Re: How to reset my MEP code entry counter

    Well how many tries have you exhausted by means of that code? I will believe after the second or else maybe still the third attempt I will contact the vendor of the code as well as requested that they provide a new code or else a refund. If you have entered 10 tries then I think that now it is not possible and that’s it. After three or four failed attempts, should not you recognize something is inaccurate?

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    Re: How to reset my MEP code entry counter

    The logical thing to perform will have been to discontinue after one failed try by the code. You are doing the similar thing again and again and expecting different consequences. Which party provided the code Verizon, or else a third party? If it was a third party, did they have a fine status? The guy I make use of has a good reputation; however he raised his rates to $10.

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    Re: How to reset my MEP code entry counter

    Ship-in unlocking service is obtainable to about any nation in the world. It is secure as well as safe and be able to be used at what time remote unlocking is not accessible for your Blackberry 9530 cell phone. This service is intended for Blackberry 9530 Storm mobile phone by means of blocked counter, so-called "hardlocked" phones which have no tries left for entering unlock code. Such cell phone generally provides message MEP CODE (0 LEFT) at what time user tries on the way to enter MEP unlock code. This service will take away such message as well as reset the counter reverse to default value. If normal unlocking or else firmware de-branding is essential it has to be chosen independently from the record of options.

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