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Thread: MetroPCS VS Virgin Mobile

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    MetroPCS VS Virgin Mobile

    I want to swap to a better phone service provider which has reasonable deals and. I usually use my phone for making local calls, and I frequently have make text messages inside my friend circle. Now a days there are two service providers who are in great demand, they are Metro PCS and the other is the Virgin Mobile. I want to know as to which of these service providers can provide me a deal suitable for me. Actually I am interested in a plan which can offer me low call rates and preferably an unlimited plan for text messeging.

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    Re: MetroPCS VS Virgin Mobile

    Virgin Mobile service providers have a plan in which you have to pay $60 for a month and can take the benefit of unlimited calling, web, email, and messaging. If you are thinking of using BlackBerry BIS service then you will be required to pay an additional amount of $10 for the service. Sprint's nationwide network is used by VMobile. But Virgin Mobile has an edge as they offer a BlackBerry plan for $35 per month which is fairly exceptional. Virgin Mobile offers a plan in which you can have the benefit of 300 minutes, with limitless texting , as well as data and BlackBerry's BIS.

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    Re: MetroPCS VS Virgin Mobile

    Metro PCS proposes some of the mainly a lucrative and limitless calling plans. For the customers who live inside the specific coverage areas of MetroPCS, the phone carrier offers a range of pretty good plans. They have an inclination to unite features in rather diverse ways as in comparison to the other phone carriers, a good or bad distinctive feature always depends on the specific necessities of the consumers. Just recently, MetroPCS and LG Mobile Phones announced the launch of the LG Optimus M, which is known to be the first ever Android phone from MetroPCS phone service provider.

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    Re: MetroPCS VS Virgin Mobile

    If we compare both the service providers Virgin Mobile has got more subscribers as compared to Metro PCS. Metro PCS offers a deal of $40 per month for unlimited talk, text and web use and more over Metro PCS has acquired almost ninety percent of USA. They even provide mobile phones such as the Samsung reform 2, then the LG Imprint and LG banter touch, which is quite interesting. But then on the other hand Virgin Mobile offers a cheap plan of $25 a month in return of services such as 300 mins with unlimited text and web.

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    Re: MetroPCS VS Virgin Mobile

    Which carrier you want to choose whether “Virgin Mobile” or “Metro PCS” depends on what kind of plan you are looking for, or what kind of services that you use most often. You should even confirm it before hand that does the service provider you are looking for have the coverage area in your destination place. So you if you want unlimited talk and text options you rather go for Metro PCS, but if you desire to have a plan of unlimited text and web, then you better go for Virgin Mobile which will be the cheapest deal you could ever get

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