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Thread: Essential Macbook Air Software

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    Essential Macbook Air Software

    What do you people suggest as several necessary programs for the Macbook Air? I just found a pretty cool as well as super simple means to access my main iTunes library on my iMac all the way through WIFI on the Air at what time I am out of my network. For this install the simplifymedia on the macbook Air furthermore your main PC. Works amazing. If you have any other ideas, please let me know? Thank you in advance.

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    Re: Essential Macbook Air Software

    You can make use of Xslimmer which pulls each and every one the not needed languages as well as binary's out of applications. Which saves about 1GB. You be able to as well eliminate printer drivers you donít require. I do not have an air up till now, but here's a start to what I'd call necessary:

    • Evernote
    • Angry Birds or Portal (LOL)
    • Firefox
    • NetNewsWire
    • VLC Media Player
    • DropBox

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    Re: Essential Macbook Air Software

    For macbookAir specific applications, I make use of Monolingual to take out each and every one of the additional language packs as well as the old PPC code from apps. This will save about 3 GB. I as well removed Garage Band furthermore its associated loops inside the Library folder to save memory. If you are looking for additional battery life, I had advise CoolBook. I encompass it installed on my Air running at the uppermost CPU setting (1.4 GHz) as well as the lowest voltage and squeak out an additional hour or else so of battery life.

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    Re: Essential Macbook Air Software

    Its great noticing each and every one of the different software people have on their Macbook air.At what time I get mine I believe I will go with:
    • Quicksilver
    • iTunes
    • Inkscape
    • I use chrome, but might go back to Safari
    • VLC Player
    • FM2011 (although fm2012 might be out by then)
    • NeoOffice.

    and on condition that I can get my Gmail account syncing appropriately on mac (calendars, contacts) I’ll be content, for the reason that the calendar on my iphone by no means updates my Google calendar.

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