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Thread: Install Nitdroid-0.0.8-Popov in Nokia N900

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    Install Nitdroid-0.0.8-Popov in Nokia N900

    I installed nitdroid 0.0.7 before inside my Nokia N900 cell phone then I tried to update the 0.0.8 version, I had to reinstall it because it is not installing in proper way and now I'm fixed at ext3 so I also tried to install the new installer but now I'm receiving the bailing out error so I installed the kernel for memory card but I'm continuously receiving the bailing out error. I think that the installation of the Nitdroid 0.0.8 was not proper and hence I m getting the error so anyone knows how to install it properly or to eliminate the error then please reply me on this post.

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    Re: Install Nitdroid-0.0.8-Popov in Nokia N900

    For installing NitDroid-0.0.8-Popov manually (for users who previously have the most recent NitDroid and Multiboot 2.10) run in X-Terminal.
    root $ cd /home/usr1/MyDocs
    Then download the wget from the nitdroid site.
    The file name is bzip2 -d NitDroid-0.0.8-Popov.tar.bz2
    mount /device/mmcblk1p2 /and
     Root # cd /and
    rm -rf *
    tar xvf /home/user/MyDocs/NitDroid-0.0.8-Popov.tar
    cd /home/usr1/MyDocs
    Downalod the wget packages from the nitdorid package
    dpkg -i nitdroid-kernel-2.6.29-07_final1_armel.deb

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    Re: Install Nitdroid-0.0.8-Popov in Nokia N900

    I cannot get 3g data connection to work at all and also my flight mode cannot find mobile network and also I m not able to edit the setting and this thing happened when I installed the NitDroid-0.0.8-Popov and remove the previous version for it. After previous installation I acquire phone signal and calls work except the 3G data connection is not available in my cell phone currently which I used to have it with the previous version. Manually inserting the APN sticks it in panel mode that can be disabled after a couple of trials but I do not have network connection. Removing APN settings provides me connection to T-Mobile once more but still no 3G data. So what to do solve this problem should I reinstall the whole package again or what?

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    Re: Install Nitdroid-0.0.8-Popov in Nokia N900

    My first suggestion is to you that you don’t require to set a userid or any password for apn setting or it'll collide the ril/ofono currently and i know the reality that t-mobile networks with no userid or any password, android will also demonstrate you have only a border connection but you should in fact have 3g if you attempt speed tests on your device. If you have flight mode problem please attempt the subsequent in maemo :
    mount /device/mmcblk1p2 /and
    cd /and/data connection
    rm -rf *
    mkdir logs
    chmod 777 logs
    cd /
    Then reboot and attempt android once more.

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    Re: Install Nitdroid-0.0.8-Popov in Nokia N900

    You will require to start the X Terminal window, type the following commands:
    mount /device/mmcblk1p2 /and
       /home -cp -rp /and/* /home
                edit the boot file: 
    leafpad /etc/multiboot.d/11
    then select the tab button, .item file will demonstrate, press enter to open it in Leafpad. Edit .item file to look like this: 
    ITEM_NAME="NITdroid 0.0.8 on MMCp2 - 2.6.28.NIT.05"
    ITEM_module=ext3 fat vfat

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