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Thread: Virgin Mobile Security Lock Code

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    Virgin Mobile Security Lock Code

    I need some help. I found two Virgin mobile cell phone they are Virgin Kyocera Wild Card and Virgin Kyocera JAX S1300 hidden in my boy friend draw which has certainly peeked my interest. Unfortunately both of them Are locked and I tried all the different codes and I was not able to crack it. And factory default does not work as well. Does anyone know how to open the code and access the cell phone. Or ever a paid service that will access into the phone so that I can see all.

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    Re: Virgin Mobile Security Lock Code

    Every phone has a security code check out the default code of the cell phone and if you are not able to find it try calling the virgin mobile customer service from there you will get the code which you want. Donít guess too much . before calling the customer care you should know which model and manufacture of cell phone you are using because when you will call the call center they will ask for the information. The customer care will give you a PUK code through which you can master reset and the cell phone back to normal.

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    Re: Virgin Mobile Security Lock Code

    According to me you should call the Virgin mobile customer care first. The virgin mobile customer then will ask for the detail of the mobile phone detail like model number manufacture number. You will now have to master reset it or take it to your mobile provider and they will give you the code that is it is the PUK code. And donít play with the code. After that try all these steps and hope your Virgin cell phone gets unlocked

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    Re: Virgin Mobile Security Lock Code

    The cell phone hardware works on a network to communicate. There are many network provider like Airtel, Vodafone, tata, Reliance, Virgin some are a CDMA service provider some are GSM service provider. Cell phone are designed to use a subscriber Identification module also call as SIM card or microchip. It stores the subscriber information and data. If the SIM card is lock then it will not work. In short you would not be able to call or send any message.

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