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Thread: Is there a better service provider than Virgin Mobile

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    Is there a better service provider than Virgin Mobile

    A week back I was United States of America. I had a vacation and so I thought of going to my aunt’s place to chill out and enjoy my vacation. She was using a mobile phone with Virgin service providers. She said that this mobile phone service providers are well known for their interesting deals. She seemed to be very satisfied with their services and said she was been offered a cheap and cost effective deal. I wonder which are the other mobile phone service providers and what plans do they have to offer. If there is a better plan then I would like to suggest it to my aunt.

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    Re: Is there a better service provider than Virgin Mobile

    When you compare Vmobile with Boost mobile you will find that it offers almost everything except for PTT. You can pay $60 a month and take advantage of unlimited calling, web, email, and messaging according to the plan. If you desire to use BlackBerry BIS service then you will have to pay an extra amount of $10 for that. Sprint's nationwide network is used by Virgin Mobile. If you want a plan for texting and talking purposes Boost Mobile is a better option as compared to Vmobile. But Virgin Mobile has an edge as they provide a BlackBerry plan for$35 a month which is quite exceptional. The plan offers 300 minutes, with unlimited texting , including data and BlackBerry's BIS.

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    Re: Is there a better service provider than Virgin Mobile

    Boost Mobile is one of the service providers which offers one of the most well-known deals in case of prepaid market. It has a plan of $50 for limitless talk, sms text messages, multimedia messaging, web, instant messaging, and even email. All you need to do is pay $50 for the month and no need of signing contracts. This service provider uses Sprint's CDMA network which is quite good. Boost is well known for having a good coverage, but they are even known in the market for having some of latest phones as compared to other prepaid carriers.

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    Re: Is there a better service provider than Virgin Mobile

    T-Mobile's have a simple prepaid plan. Their limitless talk plan includes features like unlimited talk, sms text messaging , and even multimedia messaging.You get all these services for a monthly charge of $50. They are such service providers who always have to offer an average plan as compared to others. Even if you talk about their plan, or prices, or even coverage is average, and their phones they provide are normal. They have a specific texting plan for fifteen dollars a month for limitless text and ten cent per minute on voice.
    So on an average if you compare you are satisfied at the end.

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    Re: Is there a better service provider than Virgin Mobile

    “Go Phones” is the name given by AT & T to their prepaid phones. I don’t like their monthly unlimited plan and the reason is AT&T offers unlimited talk and text for $60 per month which is too much as compared to the other service providers in competition. And it does not even include any data. So on the whole, they offer a same plan as Verizon but little cheaper when compared with Verizon.But the customers are not satisfied with its coverage. AT&T's coverage is widely known to be patterned and reasonable. So I would not suggest you to go for “Go phones”.

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