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Thread: Formatting Nokia 5000d-2

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    Formatting Nokia 5000d-2

    Hello! I need to completely format my cellphone. It's a Nokia 5000d-2. I researched a little online and found codes *#7380# for soft reset or *#7370# for hard reset, but neither works. I enter them in the main screen, but nothing happens... Are these codes different for older models?

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    Re: Formatting Nokia 5000d-2

    Nope, the hard reset code is same for nearly all mobile phones and am sure it is same for your mobile model. It should work in Nokia 5000d-2. Make sure you are entering the code properly. After entering *#7380# for *#7370# , it should prompt you for the security password, that is of 5 digits.

    Anyways, if it is not working than Either you can do it from settings > Restore Factory Settings (this will reset your device same as soft reset) OR simply connect your mobile with your computer > Nokia PC Suite and upgrade its firmware.

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    Re: Formatting Nokia 5000d-2

    I am using a Nokia 5000d-2 mobile phone and all of a sudden it switched off today and the phone led was also not appearing. It is unable to turn on if I press the power button or any other key. This problem started to happen when I was trying to connect my friends phone using bluetooth. Is it possible that the phone must have been infected? Can anyone tell me how do I solve this problem? Thanks

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    Re: Formatting Nokia 5000d-2

    Hi Ashtray,

    If your phone is not turning at all then you should better take it to the Nokia Care Customer and they will check your phone. If it is under warranty then you dont have to worry too much since all cost for repairing will be done by them or they may even replace the phone but if it is not under warranty then perhaps your only choice is to pay some money to them and get your phone repaired.

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