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Thread: Acer Aspire is unable to detect my second hard drive

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    Acer Aspire is unable to detect my second hard drive

    Recently I am making use of a windows 7 operating system on to my Acer Aspire, additional hardware specifications of my machine are like 4GB ram and 320 GB hard drive, and with that I am making use of the 1TB external SATA hard drive, this was functioning very well but there is an issue from last week. Actually in that it suddenly from last three or four days the hard drive is not identified by my machine. at any time I tried to attach that one through my machine it first take a number of time to install the hardware and a message will come into view as the hard drive is not a not acknowledged by the machine. I have some of the significant data in to that one. Recommend me somewhat to make as running. Any input will be helpful for me.

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    Re: Acer Aspire is unable to detect my second hard drive

    Did you ever attempt this to fix it by attaching this with the extra machine; I think there must be any trouble along with your machine. So attach that one through other machine and attempt to open this, so in that you require scanning the hard drive in that machine and confirming that there is no virus consequence in your hard drive. If it occurs then I expect by this you can make your hard drive as runable. At the present if still the difficulty arrives then I recommend you to do one thing. Format the drive and at this time attach with your machine. It will absolutely detected by your machine.

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    Re: Acer Aspire is unable to detect my second hard drive

    To fix this issue you just start your machine in safe mode and at the moment attach your external hard drive in to the drive. And after that you have to wait till the machine will verify you to identify the new hard drive which is attach in your machine. At the present go to the properties of the hard drive and tick on the hardware checking. For the reason that if there is any hardware matter in your external drives then by this it will identify and can be resolved. For the reason that I had the similar subject, and then I attach that one in my friendís machine, where this was also not identify by his machine. Devoid of format the drive, though I have also some of the significant files, my friend recommends me to go through this process, and this works. After fix the hardware issue, the hard drive is now in working mode.

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    Re: Acer Aspire is unable to detect my second hard drive

    I believe the USB port of your machine is not functioning or the tainted. For that make sure the driver for this port drive. So in order to fix this you just go to the device manager and from there check the driver names those are listed in yellow and red marked list. If the USB bass driver is scheduled over there then right tick on that and choose the update choice. It will collect the information of the update version of that driver if accessible in the manufacturer web site, I think this driver is not updated one and for that by update the driver version this trouble can be resolved. Choose the update option. Did you attempted with any other USB device, whether this one connecting along with the machine or not? Go through this process, this will definitely help you.

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