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Thread: Restaurant City game on Android Phone

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    Restaurant City game on Android Phone

    In recent times purchase an HTC desire cell phone which is a android phone, and whenever I tried to go restaurant game through the facebook account on my android phone it in not loading properly, but what i thinking was like zynga have done with Farmville, Fishville on various cell phone those who have a facebook account on their cell phone, is they made any provision for Restaurant City game to play in Android cell phone so that we can download that application onto the Android cell phone, anyone knows that this game works in Android cell phone.

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    Re: Restaurant City game on Android Phone

    Yeah I have attempted several times on my Android cell phone. I have downloaded the flashplayer application software on my Android and install it with no issue, and it took a while to locate a Restaurant City link from Facebook since it lot of time download on your Android phone. It took everlastingly to load, and had the most horrible it lags continuously, then ultimately lost connection. Someone told me about this game it load but I donít think it load properly. I desire they would build it an application for this game to load properly on the Android cell phone. It would make me love my phone even more. I wish they would make this a phone app. You can play several Zynga games on your handset. I attempted downloading flash player software onto my Android cellphone and tried to access it through internet but it wouldn't load.

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    Re: Restaurant City game on Android Phone

    I haven't been capable to play the Restaurant game with my Android cell phone. The mere Facebook application that I have managed to play from my Android cell phone is Vampire Wars & when I was playing it yet is Fairyland. All the applications which I tries to open it closes the browser continuously in spite of whichever browser I exercise for playing the game. I frequently use Skyfire but the Android browser does the similar thing. So donít think that this game will effectively on the Android cell phone unless any special software is available for the Android.

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    Re: Restaurant City game on Android Phone

    I donít think so about the original application for the restaurant city game to play inside the Android cell phone is available. I think that it already draws a 30% load from 2 cores on my Laptop it means that about 1+ GHz. A Android ( like Desire (normal or HD) , Galaxy S ) is usually 1ghz , and HTC legend you usually require chunks of memory to load , like I can be thinking 100 meg. This one function properly on the Original Flash , not the flash player which download it for phones , that needs different coding to play the Restaurant city . And yes I able to play standard flash games on my HD2.

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