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Thread: LG Env2 internal screen gone black

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    LG Env2 internal screen gone black

    I am using my LG Env2 from last 8 months and I have never seen any problem on this phone. Yesterday my phone fell from the first floor directly on ground. Now an internal screen of my phone has been broken and I am going to get the new mobile phone for myself but before which I would like to have all the data of my phone to the backup so that I can have the same in my new phone. Can you guys tell me that what do I need to do for getting the data from broken screen phone?

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    Re: LG Env2 internal screen gone black

    There is not an issue to transfer all the data of your phone to the computer system which in further can be transferred to the any mobile phone. For this you need to connect your phone with the computer system on which Lg PC Suit has been installed as only with this suite you would be able to transfer the phone memory to the computer system. No other software would be able to detect your phone from the pc. And according to me there is no need to take any backup of memory card as it is itself a backup. Just remove your memory card out of your phone and keep it safe for new phone.

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    Re: LG Env2 internal screen gone black

    If we have a USB cable to connect our mobile phone to PC with BitPim program we can access and manipulate all the data we have on the mobile, with the convenience of doing it from a computer. With BitPim you can manage the agenda addresses, backgrounds and images you have, songs, calendar, and including the system files on your mobile. You can also easily transfer files from PC to mobile and vice versa. Theoretically, BitPim should work correctly on any mobile phone that has a processor based on Qualcomm's CDMA.

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    Re: LG Env2 internal screen gone black

    I think it would be possible to get the phonebook and messages from your phone but it does not seems to be possible to get the pictures and other data from the phone memory by using such backup software. I think some data would be lost for getting the new phone. According to me, In phone memory only phonebook and contats seems to be important which cannot be recovered from any other place so you must not think about any music file or image file stored in phone memory.

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    Re: LG Env2 internal screen gone black

    Here I have provided the procedure by which you can transfer the data from the phone memory to external memory. No need to look at the broken screen as there is nothing see. You must be knowing how to unlock your phone and then press OK which will start the Menu and then press 9 which takes you to the Tools. Then press 9 again which selects for memory and 2 for phone memory. Here suppose if you want to transfer the videos then press 3 where you will get all the videos. Now press right soft button placed above 8 & 9 button. Now press right soft button which will Mark All followed by the left soft button. Now click on OK and then wait for minute and then beep comes indicating that transfer has been completed.

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