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Thread: how to unlock a motorola CE0168 mobile

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    how to unlock a motorola CE0168 mobile

    Iíve a Motorola CE0168 mobile phone, one day I forgot my cell phone to my friend house, when I get my phone next day I see that my phone is locked. When I asked my friend about my cell phone he said, ĎI donít know anything about your phoneí. now, my phone is locked and I donít know how to unlock my phone. I have many important data in my phone, I also have many pics and video in that. Please tell me how should I unlock my phone. please give some tips to unlock. Please help me.

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    Re: how to unlock a motorola CE0168 mobile

    I think your friend has changed your default security code and forget to unlock your phone. if he has changed your password then you can asked your friend to give new security code. But if your friend has forgot the new security code or he has by mistakenly enter the random code, then you need to do some extra efforts to unlock your phone. the cell phone are not get unlock easily, you have to call your mobile manufacturer for unlocking your phone. you have to tell them that you forgot your mobile security code and they will ask your IMEI no. of your mobile and they will give you a master code. You can unlock your mobile with this master code.

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    Re: how to unlock a motorola CE0168 mobile

    You have to contact your mobile manufacturer. Your mobile will only with the help of your mobile manufacturer. Every mobile manufacturer have their own rules and regulation, you have to go through their procedure. They will ask you some question about your mobile phone and you have to answer that question. They will also ask you for a IMEI no. you have to give your mobile IMEI no. to them. It is a unique no. for every mobile phone. youíll get this no. from the backside of your mobile phone where you place a battery. Remove that battery and copy the no. after providing them IMEI no. they will give you a code which you have to enter in your mobile and your mobile will be unlock.

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    Re: how to unlock a motorola CE0168 mobile

    Now, you have to call your cell phone provider, every company have some different procedure. Some companies are taking fee for unlocking phone and some provide this service free. If you can afford that price then you can easily unlock your phone by paying them, if not, then you can download a phone unlocking software from internet. There are a special software which are made to unlock Motorola phone. download that software and follow the instruction to unlock your phone. if you software cost then you can also purchase a software from phone unlocking website.

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