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Thread: How to set wifi to check Emails in Nokia C6-00

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    How to set wifi to check Emails in Nokia C6-00

    Got Nokia C6-00 a week ago and still haven't set up the right settings intended for checking e-mails. It operated for several days; consequently the settings on behalf of the email account have to be accurate, however at that instance the mobile for all time connected to wifi. Due to this reason I have somehow found that setting for stop searching for wifi. From that time i can't able to check my e-mail accounts. Now I donít remember what settings I have changed. But now I want to use the wifi. Perhaps somebody can inform me from my explanation what settings I have to modify hence that in any case checking mail accounts again?

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    Re: How to set wifi to check Emails in Nokia C6-00

    First of all verify what software edition is in C6-00 (Enter *#0000# using dial pad ). As far as I know newest obtainable software version meant for C6-00 is 10.0.024. This software discharge approaches with a numeral of common performance upgrading, particularly in the email app. To obtain this software all the way through your phone, choose Applications > Software Update, and select the software you would like to update. On the other hand, this software release is obtainable from side to side the Nokia Software Updater.

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    Re: How to set wifi to check Emails in Nokia C6-00

    I also encountered the similar issue and for that reason I have sent the C6-00 to Nokia Care Centre and they were not certain why the difficulty happened either. Seeing that I didn't encompass any significant information, excluding for Contacts, I requested them to hard reset (reinstate toward Factory Settings) as well as reset the mails. It is currently working very well. At rest not sure what's the issue. Hopefully it'll be addressed in some of the software upgrades.

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    Re: How to set wifi to check Emails in Nokia C6-00

    The only method to maintain it working is by yourself "disconnect" it previous to send-off a wifi coverage (since i donít wish for service provider to incriminate me used for 3g connection), and after that physically "connect" it back as soon as wifi is obtainable. I actually do believe that itís because of managing transform of connection throughout "connected" condition. Then physically "disconnect" as well as "connect" the email all the way through changes of connection does assist to remain the email account working.

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    Re: How to set wifi to check Emails in Nokia C6-00

    Follow the below steps and I hope that they may gonna help you to resolve your issue.
    • Try to call the utility of "Connect" manually.
    • Set up Email for IMAP4 synchronization.
    • Perform the cross check on ease of access of the email account using an additional channel.
    • When express like unattended, means the phone lays on just about the similar position on the equal table. In any case it means 99% possibility it is connected by the use of the equivalent base station furthermore it has the similar selection of access points / preferences of connection.

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    Re: How to set wifi to check Emails in Nokia C6-00

    Nokia Messaging service meant for customer email access can be set up in the subsequent technique if Nokia Messaging service is accessible in your nation as well as operator network:
    • Choose Set up e-mail otherwise go to Menu > E-mail > New.
    • Pick Start.
    • Choose the preferred email service from the listing. If the needed email service is not listed, decide on Other.
    • As soon as prompted, give your e-mail address along with password.
    • Accept the conditions of service.

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