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Thread: Dell optiplex gx620 quick cooling

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    Dell optiplex gx620 quick cooling

    Hello Everyone. Last month my dad gifts me a brand new Dell optiplexgx620. As the brand name suggest, it has superior functionality compared to my older desktop pc. But I am not satisfied concerning one issue that is itís cooling. It takes lots of time for cooling once it reached at extreme temperature. In my profession I had to work on pc continuously around ten to fifteen hours. Can you tell me the best way to get rid of this problem?

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    Re: Dell optiplex gx620 quick cooling

    I think you need some extra peripherals to cool down your pc. As far I know Newegg has hell number of devices which are especially used for cooling your machine. I suggest you that make sure is your fan other than the Default one that PSU has is clean as possible. You can use normal cloth to clean it. While cleaning make sure about one thing that never try to give too much pressure on that fan so that it breaks down. You can also make a use of compressed air. One advantage of using compressed air is that you can also clean PSU for getting desired output. Normally expert peoples advised to use compressed air only.

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    Re: Dell optiplex gx620 quick cooling

    I also faced same kind of problem last month. That time I use PCI cooler. Thatís why I am suggesting using an additional pci cooler if there is a availability of empty slot. I know this solution is not a scientific one but in extreme conditions you can also try to cut the case near to pci bus. I use this technique with my dell precision 450 network. I drill in front case. I also drill above the PCI bus. If you scared to drill in your case. Than the simple solution is to use separate device for cooling purpose. There are number of devices exists which are especially used for cooling purpose. Normally almost all dell users use this option for cooling it down.

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    Re: Dell optiplex gx620 quick cooling

    You can also go with the option called intact fans available for floppy. As far my knowledge is saying there is hell number of brands associated with intact fans. But my friend told me that he didnít get anyone when he went to market to buy newer one. I am sure you will get it. But in case if you not able to find one than contact your nearest hardware engineers who will make it for you and configure it manually. It may charge some normal fees for raw materials and installing purpose. But one thing you have to kept in your mind is that there is no guarantee associated with these kind of devices. Actually these devices doesnít have long lasting capacitors thatís why told you to first search for branded one.

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    Re: Dell optiplex gx620 quick cooling

    There is also one option available called motherboard re-capping. Up till now I never use cheap motherboards. My friends told me that their capacitors life is too short. Instead of this option there is one alternative that is reverse the fan physically. You can perform this operation by removing heat sink layer. After removing heat sink take out fans assembly and after that remove the fan using rubber stick. After this flip that. If you are still not able to solve your problem then I suggest you to went to nearest dell service center and ask them about alternatives which will solve your problem without trying to perform too much experiments on your machine.

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