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Thread: No audio after play .3gp file

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    No audio after play .3gp file

    I am using a Toshiba laptop from few months, which is running with windows vista OS. I mainly use the machine for internet access and sometimes to time pass by watching videos and play games. I usually play high definition games. I installed vlc and windows default windows media player. The machine was working fine till the last few days, but now there is problem which occurred after I tried to play a .3gp file into vlc player. The sound of my laptop completely vanishes. I not have any technical idea regarding this type of problem. So I am here for getting any solution for this issue. I hope someone will surely help me to overcome from this problem.

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    Re: No audio after play .3gp file

    According to me the problem that you mentioned in your post completely sounds for the sound driver. I recommend you top reinstall the sound driver firmware version. By this you surely got some help. So to reinstall go to the device manager, and from there open the sound driver tab, right click on driver name and select update option. Now choose advanced option, this will ask you to browse the driver installation program from your machine or from any other location. Locate this one from eth appropriate place and start installation process. Wait till the installation completes. Now try to play any video or audio file in your machine with the same player, where you tried earlier.

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    Re: No audio after play .3gp file

    I think the problem may also be occurred for the player application version. For that I suggest you to reload the player firmware version in your machine. For that download latest version from the developer web site, and install into your machine. But before that remove the existing version from your machine. along with this also remove other file those are collaborating with the windows log file. Try with this, if there is any issue in the media player then this will definitely helps you. Also recommend you to apply the desire codec file according to the player firmware version. I recommend you to install Kmplayer, this player is good for watching 3gp file formats.

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    Re: No audio after play .3gp file

    Similar issue facing with Real player, where I am not able to play any video file, whenever I tried to play anything it directs that the file format is not support the player version after that from the suggestion of one of my friend I apply a codec file, which support the media player version. But still the problem occurring. Another problem facing from this morning, now there is no sound in my machine. Where I encounter this when I was playing particular .wmv file in windows media player. It does not give me any sound. What should I do now? I tried above mentioned process like reload the sound driver, this also not make any change. Suggest me any trick to overcome from this problem.

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