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Thread: Xperia X10:blocked while updating with Android 2.1

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    Xperia X10:blocked while updating with Android 2.1

    Well I am using Xperia X10. I have decided to upgrade the phone with Android 2.1. So I tried to back up the data but in prompts the following error message ‘For security, your phone is set to block installation of applications not sourced in Android Market’ Well I have decided to discuss to all of you so you can suggest me to resolve the matter. Please help me out from this situation. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Xperia X10:blocked while updating with Android 2.1

    Well looking at situation I think you havr to root your phone in your computer. To achieve the same you have to install busybox, z4root, titanium backup on your computer. You can find the same from the internet. Now install z4root on your computer and run the same. It will allow you to make a permanent root. Now install busybox and titanium backup. Well titanium backup will help you to restore and back up the data.
    Now restart your phone.
    Now download Wonder machine and install the same. Once it is installed connect your phone and computer. Male sure that USB debugging is enabled in your phone.
    Now launch DWM and select the desired .apk file from your computer and install the same on your phone.
    I hope above mentioned information will help you out.

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    Re: Xperia X10:blocked while updating with Android 2.1

    Well I am suggesting a software that you can use to back up data from the SD card. You can download es file explorer from the internet. To back up phone book use the following. In phone book menu you have to press Backup or Export Contacts now choose the SD card. By doing this all the information will back up into .vcf file. Once the update process is completed you can restore the back up.

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    Re: Xperia X10:blocked while updating with Android 2.1

    Well I think you have provided great information provide in previous post. And according to me it was really helpful. Well I have discovered that the performance of the Wonder Machine varies from machine to machine. I have tried to run on my laptop but it did not work then I have installed on my computer and it was working fine. I have successfully installed Android 2.1 on my phone and I really want to appreciate to everyone who has replied me with the possible solution. Thanks again

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