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Thread: PC Games wanted to be ported on Maemo 5

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    PC Games wanted to be ported on Maemo 5

    I am using a Nokia N900 phone and this phone is running a Linux Maemo 5 operating system due to which many applications and games are not able to enjoyed by user like me. So I have started this thread to reveal the names of the games that N900 user want to play on their mobile phone. Here I have given the names of some PC Games as under that I would like to play on Maemo as well.

    • Pharaoh (Windows)
    • Half-Life 1 (Windows)
    • Sim City 3000 (Windows)
    • Red Alert 2 (Windows)

    If somebody is playing games in this thread on Maemo 5 then please mention it as other users would love to play it.

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    Re: PC Games wanted to be ported on Maemo 5

    Here I have provided few names of the games that I would be happy to see on Maemo 5 mobile phone. These games are my favorite games but as they are not running on my friend's N900, We are not able to enjoy it together. Anyway, I have played them many time on my windows machine but is there any programmer which may make these game executable on Maemo 5.

    1. Homeworld 1 (Windows, Linux)
    2. Diablo 2 (Windows, Mac OS, Mac OS X)
    3. Atomic Bomberman (Windows)
    4. Rollercoaster Tycoon 2 (Windows)
    5. The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind (Windows)
    6. Grand Theft Auto 3 (Windows)

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    Re: PC Games wanted to be ported on Maemo 5

    Even I want to add up some games from my list of games, So you guys may try running the following games on your machine as they might gets work because I am using the Linux operating system on my machine due to which I am guessing that it should work on your maemo as well but you may not find its compatible resolution as per the mobile phone.

    • bzflag
    • wesnoth
    • globulation 2
    • widelands
    • enigma2
    • NEVERBALL(with accelerator support)
    • warzone2100
    • openttd
    • freeciv
    • wormux
    • hedgewars

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    Re: PC Games wanted to be ported on Maemo 5

    I think most of the pc games that you guys have mentioned here are not open source games so that their developers needs to make them compatible with the maemo 5 operating system. So the day when these games will get open for all developers then there would be many maemo users to force developers for making such games compatible with the Maemo 5 OS.

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