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Thread: To get GNU Screen for Maemo 5 in Nokia N900

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    To get GNU Screen for Maemo 5 in Nokia N900

    Hi all, I just purchase a Nokia N900 and consequently it is amazing! I'm in the procedure of getting things setup as well as installing the software I require. The difficulty is that I cannot come across the GNU display utility inside my cell phone. I have installed the meamo 5 for it to work it properly inside my cell phone. Is this put away in a number of obscure packages someplace? I can't visualize it's not accessible in binary form. Any supervision here would be respected.

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    Re: To get GNU Screen for Maemo 5 in Nokia N900

    It should be in this repository:
    • You will require to rebuilt all Debian Etch foundation packages with the Maemo 5 SDK and sdbnmock.
    • 10,250 Source packages practiced thoroughly.
    • 6,452 .debs formed.
    • The situation ran for 8 days.
    • They have not been run during maemo-optimfy up till now—you need to test the fix for the recursive sybmlink bug [1] when prepared.
    • They were compiled alongside the present maemos-extras storehouse. They have no dependency additional than that. In other words, no package surrounded by the rebuild depends on whatever thing besides in the rebuild--this is the primary pass.
    • You need to group import packages that don't previously present in need to believe this would be rad.
    • Download position (temporary)

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    Re: To get GNU Screen for Maemo 5 in Nokia N900

    No I believe that it is the official repositories so try out this one:
    Nokia-N900:/home/user1/MyDoc/.videos# grep 'Package: screen' /var/libr/apt1/lists/*
    /var/libr/apt/lists/repository.maemo.org_dists_fremantle_tools_free_binary-arme_Packages:Package: screen
    /var/libr/apt1/lists/repository.maemo.org_dists_fremantle_tools_free_binary-arme_Packages:Package: screenshot-tool

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    Re: To get GNU Screen for Maemo 5 in Nokia N900

    GNU Screen is a full-screen window administrator that multiplexes a substantial terminal between more than a few processes, characteristically interactive shells. Each practical terminal supply the functions of the DEC VT120 terminal as well as, in adding up, quite a few organize functions from the ISO 6430 (ECMA 48, ANSI X4.64) and ISO 2025 standards (e.g. insert/remove line as well as support for numerous temperament sets). There is a scroll back narration buffer for every virtual workstation and a copy-and-paste method that allows the user to shift text regions among windows.

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    Re: To get GNU Screen for Maemo 5 in Nokia N900

    I suppose that it is in the tools repository. For this you require to open the Application Manager form the menu which is present in the phone setting. Then select the Application Manager form the list of various application and then you will require to go at the Application Catalogs and afterwards you must select the New controls button. Now make an entrance. Now save as well as entirely exit the Application Manager.
    Open an x-terminal as well as type the following code for that:
    sudo gainroot
    apt-get install screen
    Or install whatsoever tool you require from this repository.
    You may require modifying the "sudo gainroot" depending on how you get a hold a root shell.

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