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Thread: HP Pavilion dm1z VS MacBook AIR 11

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    HP Pavilion dm1z VS MacBook AIR 11

    Tell me which one should i Buy i want to gift a gadget to my younger brother on his birthday by the end of this month as he is a very tech person and he works in a technical company i am planning to get a notebook for him and hence i have researched for the same after my research i am pretty confused between these two gadgets which i have mentioned.

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    Re: HP Pavilion dm1z VS MacBook AIR 11

    The MacBook Air and the Dell laptops Adamo are two that stand out from others by the quality of their design and their design. Indeed, one after another, they broke records in terms of dimensions with a surprising depth and weight. Their meticulous finish contribute to making high-end machines envied by all. Here's a first face to face with the hardware configuration of the two ultraportable Mac and PC.

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    Re: HP Pavilion dm1z VS MacBook AIR 11

    The HP Pavilion DM1z, discovered late last week under the name of DM1a has the same chassis as the HP Mini 311C but supplied in a different configuration. Aboard the DM1z effective solution AMD + ATI latest generation of the Athlon II Neo K125 single-core clocked to 1.7 GHz.The machine appears promising and this platform could seduce an audience muscular different amateurs autonomy.

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    Re: HP Pavilion dm1z VS MacBook AIR 11

    The HP Pavilion dm1z are a series of mini laptops with the power to live up to bigger models. Are less than an inch thick and have a diagonal LCD screen of 11.6 inches. It is very bright, because it has LED backlight and offers a resolution of 720p (1,366 by 768 pixels). The manufacturer has achieved such a compact design by removing the optical drive out and making external and optional. You can choose between a Blu-ray DVD recorder or an 8X DVD burner. For the computer does not jam when playing videos in high definition, HP has integrated Fusion E350 AMD dual-core and 2 GB of DDR3 RAM, but allows up to 8 GB. The graphics are covered by the same brand of chip, the graphics card is an AMD Radeon HD 6310, which is compatible with DirectX 11.

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    Re: HP Pavilion dm1z VS MacBook AIR 11

    I would suggest you to purchase the MacBook Air since it has a widescreen LCD 4:10 p.m. brilliant 13.3-inch backlit LED with a resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels. The Dell Adamo has a 16:9 LED screen ultra-thin 13.4-inch glass and designed for full HD resolution 720p. In other words, the screens of both ultraportables have the same technology and the resolution can only make a real difference with a predisposition to high definition to that of Adamo.

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