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Thread: Sony XPERIA X8 installs apps in SD card

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    Sony XPERIA X8 installs apps in SD card

    Hi all, I am having the Sony Xperia X8. This is really a good phone and all the things are working great with this. The only thing that I am having problem is with the memory. The internal memory provided in it is good but it is not sufficient to install more application those are useful to me. It goes out of the memory whenever I try to install any app in it. Therefore, I want to know that is there is any way by which I will be able to install the application to the SD card of my phone. I have googled for this but not found perfect answer. Please help me.

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    Re: Sony XPERIA X8 installs apps in SD card

    I donít think that this will be possible for you. I am also using the same phone and I knew almost all the features of it so can tell you this with confidence that this is simply not possible. All the apps will be installed in the phone memory and if that memory is full then that will not allow you to install further apps. So need to remove the unwanted apps that are installed and in place of that, it will install the new apps.

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    Re: Sony XPERIA X8 installs apps in SD card

    Above post is very correct that you will not able to install the application in the SD card. If you want to move the applications in the SD card then you will have to update that to the 2.2 update. Which version are you using? Multitouch is also not possible into it. It is built into the hardware. There is no way other than this to resolve this issue. So itís so simple that if you want install more applications then you have to update to the version 2.2 and this will solve the issue for you.

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    Re: Sony XPERIA X8 installs apps in SD card

    I want to give you one advice here that you should not install much application in your phone. If apps are stored in the memory card then there is no problem but if that are stored in the phone memory then you will get some issues with that. So keep only the applications that you need otherwise donít keep that to consume the phone memory without any reason. Try to keep the phone memory as free as possible because if that is full then this will show effect on the performance of the phone. It is just an advice to you.

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