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Thread: Cannot read Contacts from SIM

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    Cannot read Contacts from SIM

    I newly updated to 2.12 versions for my X10. The whole thing is working well but the single problem that I am having with this is from the contacts. I have properly inserted the card into it but I am not able to get the contacts that are stored into that. I tried many time to remove and reinsert that but all the times it gives me the same result. This is happening from last one week and earlier, it was working well. I am using Sony Xperia X10. Can you able to guess that why this is happening to me and how can this be solved? Thank you very much in advance for reading and replying to this post.

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    Re: Cannot read Contacts from SIM

    Have you selected the memory in use for the contacts? You can select the memory as phone, SIM or both as the memory in use and this will show you the contacts that are stored in that memory. So go into the settings for the contacts in your phone and look for the memory in use. Enter into that and select the SIM memory and save the changes. Now again go to the contacts and see if the contacts are available or not. I wish that this will help you.

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    Re: Cannot read Contacts from SIM

    Try to insert the SIM in some other phone and see if that is able to see the contacts. If that can show you the contacts then it is fine and if that cannot show you the contacts then the problem is definitely with the SIM card. You cannot fix that problem. Just let the SIM card to the providerís service center and ask them from the issue. If that is with the phone then you will be given a new SIM card with the same number and this problem will not be happen again with your phone. I am not saying that this is the only reason for this. There may be other possible reasons for this but this is one of the possible reasons that can cause the issue like this.

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    Re: Cannot read Contacts from SIM

    Have you download new backup as well as restore previous to running update? The program do not store the synced numbers therefore possibly you include them synced by means of google devoid of knowing it? Have you sign on your google account online to observe that whether the contacts are there? If that is the case then you can simply choose the sync choice another time and acquire them back. similar thing goes through Sony ericsson sync as well. Except you purposely saved the numbers into the sim card previous to the upgrade there is not anything in the procedure that would keep them mechanically to your Sim card. The added thing is did you put aside your numbers to SD card at some place as this might be a way to get them reverse again.

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    Re: Cannot read Contacts from SIM

    I donít think that upgrading the mobile will cause any effect on the contacts in the SIM memory. If you are getting any problem in the SIM memory then there is possibility that the upgrade was not proper in your phone. There may be some of the files that are not installed properly and that are causing the issue. If this is the problem for you then the best and the simple way is to upgrade it again. If that does not solve the issue for you then you can switch back to previous version of it that you were using earlier.

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