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Thread: Nokia N8 unable to change profile from offline

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    Nokia N8 unable to change profile from offline

    Last month I got my first cell that was Nokia N8. There no problem regarding working of its functions except one. It’s happened sometimes that I was unable to change profile from “offline”. Entire peace freezes. That time I don’t have any option except restarting the phone. Is there anything else option? I don’t want to restart it again and again. It drains my battery life. I am expecting simple but effective option to solve my problem. reply as soon as possible.

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    Re: Nokia N8 unable to change profile from offline

    If even after hold and press of hash button, your headset doesn’t ask you to change profile. Then there is an another option that I found on nokia’s official side that is if you are unable to change your profile in offline mode, then go for timed profile change option. Which will changes your profile after s specific time span. You just need set particular time by making necessary changes in your profile settings.
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    Re: Nokia N8 unable to change profile from offline

    After refer Nokia N8’s complete manual, but there is no use of that then I got one simple and effective procedure to solve your problem which I am dam sure will surprise you. First check whether after hold and press # button your headset enables you change profile or not. If not there is a simple option I got for you, for which you just need your mobile phones charger just connect your charger with your mobile phone. When screen indicating charging started was appeared at same time hold and prss hash button it will allow you to change your profile.

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    Re: Nokia N8 unable to change profile from offline

    If your profile doesn’t change even after making it as timed profile. Which changes after specific time .
    I suggest you to go for hard reset, but don’t forget to take back up of your data. You can reset your cell phone by entering *#7280#” and after entering security code which is default for all nokia cell phones. Or by simply holding weird key combination(Green + camera + Power)

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