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Thread: Browser frequently crashing in Nokia N8

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    Browser frequently crashing in Nokia N8

    However the most important difficulty is that whenever Iím surfing the web on the default or Opera Mobile 10.2 browser (both), it arbitrarily crashes with no giving any fault, checked the open applications and it is not present there. This is occurring like 4-5 times every day. I had finished with all the updates from phone as well as Ovi group. So anyone have find what could be the reason causing this issue? But Iím forever having the 3G network for Internet; I also can't make out the WLAN correctly on the mobile or not remember the key. So reply me on this post.

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    Re: Browser frequently crashing in Nokia N8

    You are facing the WLan trouble because of the WLAN performance not Nokia phone that causing the problem. Most of the WLan nullify connection subsequent to about 2 hours, so your phone risks key. You need to include disconnecting to the WLAN and reconnecting for a sometime from seconds to a while to be capable to do so. Also a lot of WLAN aren't of excellence and slack connection as well as so does not make out your connection as well as you will require disconnecting as well as reconnecting once more to them. Also various WLan aren't capable to obtain worry of too a lot of connections at the similar time because of awkward circuits or buggy firmware which you have installed inside your cell phone.

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    Re: Browser frequently crashing in Nokia N8

    I think that the problem of the WLan connection does not crash out the Opera Mini browser in addition to that you must look around for a appropriate solution, Because I have find in the google that WLan never crash out any of the mobile web browser which you are using inside your mobile. Because my Web browser which is opera mini 10.1 always crashes suddenly whenever I try to download something from the internet. So I usually check the browser working efficiently or not of it crashes then I just reinstall the most recent version or the original version which I m using inside my Nokia N8 mobile. So try to reinstall the browser again might it may help you out to solve the problem.

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    Re: Browser frequently crashing in Nokia N8

    All I am trying to utter is that nokia is unsuccessful and is deteriorating at providing stable as well as fast Operating System for Phone.(N8 is internet table with phone function. its not phone do it doesnít calculate). I utilize 5900XM and i have used N95 and Iphone. I donít care what the specifications are. All i know whatever iphone obtainable, it made certain that those functions or features work at their best. I mean in N95 and 5900XM we get bugs in each firmwware update. Browser crashes or touch screen doesnít perform greatly it can be. I mean why does nokia has to hurry in things. Why canít they take their instance and be certain that whatever they suggest in phone they perform at their best. For e.g. Iphone doesnít provide flash support for its browser but it should be done appropriately, but it convinced that browser they are providing work at its best. Its quick, dependable doesnít crash. On the other hand, in 5900XM browser keeps on freezing, extremely slow.

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    Re: Browser frequently crashing in Nokia N8

    Yeah I have wifi connection for my in home which I generally use for the Nokia N8 wifi internet connection. In general I m using the opera mini 10.3 version inside my mobile but it seems that it support the operating system properly. I mean to say that I install that browser inside the Nokia N8. For a minute it looks that it is working very fine with the internet connection. The Wi-Fi bar shows the normal range and as well as the browser is working fine unless I surf beyond 10 minutes suddenly the browser crashes and the internet connection is lost. So I tried to reinstall it again but the similar issue arises. So please reply me on this post.

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