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Thread: Nokia N8 driver is causing music sync

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    Nokia N8 driver is causing music sync

    Each occasion I encompass my N8 linked to my computer by the use of USB, I am getting few issues. When it's within Nokia Ovi Suite otherwise Media Transfer mode, I continually have a simmer saying "Found New Hardware: MTP Device" showing up and not anything regarding it being completely acknowledged by my computer. The Ovi set can't observe whichever music place on top of my N8, averting me from adding playlists that I cover on my WM player lying on it. The other thing I want to know about N8 driver. How can I fully install the driver onto my PC? Currently I am running Windows XP Home Edition SP3 in my PC. I don't dig up regularly stressed by means of this every time I connect N8 through USB cable.

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    Re: Nokia N8 driver is causing music sync

    What I exposed the rigid method is syncing music is ended in a different way evaluated to my earlier phone Nokia N97. With this, you can link the phone using "Mass Storage" form more willingly than the "PC Suite" method, otherwise the devastatingly sluggish "Music Transfer" mode. Windows Media Player 11 (WMP) plainly moves the files toward the mass storage drive. You occasionally had to reconstruct the music playlist, except that was merely a small assignment.

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    Re: Nokia N8 driver is causing music sync

    By way of the N8, you be supposed to forever connect your phone only using the "Ovi Suite" mode (formerly mentioned PC Suite mode). For the reason that the music playback course-plotting understanding is wealthier lying on the N8, several additional files catch formed meant for you when you relocate, along with the approach album metadata is saved on the N8 will deeply influence your steering incident. So you have to go to Settings>connectivity>USB and set it toward NOKIA OVI SUITE like default. I assume that it will work.

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    Re: Nokia N8 driver is causing music sync

    I've exposed there are a numeral of compensation by means of the "Ovi Suite" relationship technique in favor of music transfer: they are
    • Music Database is reconstructed involuntarily.
    • .alb files are produced and duplicated to gadget properly.
    • Folder metadata is obtainable improved when locating albums from the phone.

    But recently I made the slip-up of synchronizing music by the use of Mass Storage mode and Windows Media Player, and the consequence was chaotic:
    • Poorly prearranged album information.
    • Mislaid/damage Album/Artist tags.
    • Need to physically re-establish music playlist.

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    Re: Nokia N8 driver is causing music sync

    I by no means had any troubles by way of Ovi Suite previous to; it worked perfectly by way of my N97. To be sincere, it is about the Ovi Player that is reasoning the major problems. I have previously resorted in the direction of replication of the music across physically during mass storage mode. I just anticipate it might be a bug inside the drivers intended for the N8. When I verified the compatibility catalog meant for the Nokia cables that the newest Cable Drivers hold up, the N8 USB wire isn't scheduled seeing that companionable, therefore it's moreover not supported completely so or now an oversight within the compatibility register.

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