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Thread: Nokia X3-02 Update & WiFi not working

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    Nokia X3-02 Update & WiFi not working

    Its been 3 month that I am using a Nokia X3-02. My phone have started giving me messages about updates. As I have got such messages, I tried to update my phone but it is not getting updated. Even I don't need to update this phone as this phone is just beautiful with its current features except an internet connection. Wifi of this mobile does not works as when I try to go on Facebook by using Mobile Opera then it shows error then I have to use 3G which is even getting disconnected many time.

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    Re: Nokia X3-02 Update & WiFi not working

    I think you must be trying to update your phone directly from the phone and as your phone does not have proper internet connection, You phone is not getting updated properly. You should always update your phone by connecting your phone with the computer system. And your phone does not seems to be giving you enough network connection as it looses again and again. I think you should discuss about the network by calling to your Sim's customer care.

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    Re: Nokia X3-02 Update & WiFi not working

    As its been only 3 months, You should directly take your phone to Nokia Care to claim its warranty. I guess your mobile device has some hardware issue due to which it is not able to stay connected with an internet. But never mind, Your phone must be covered under warranty unless and until you have not dipped it into water or broke any of its part. You should directly claim for new mobile phone in replacement of this one.

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    Re: Nokia X3-02 Update & WiFi not working

    Updating via Internet for your Nokia phone and is highly recommended to perform this update you must use the Nokia PC suite that offers functionality "Update." If you do not know how to update your Nokia phone, read this tutorial. The update phone software for Nokia allows to benefit from new features, as it ensures security for your mobile. It is better to update his Nokia phone. Please note that the update requires an Internet connection and Nokia PC suite.

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    Re: Nokia X3-02 Update & WiFi not working

    Here I have provided the steps by following which you can download the updates for your Nokia Mobile phone from the Nokia PC Suit.
    • Open the software "Nokia PC Suite" in order to use its features.
    • Make unlock and connect your mobile via your PC using the USB cable.
    • Click "update" found in the interface of Nokia PC suite.
    • Connect the charger to your phone and follow up the wizard to update to update your mobile. The task may take several minutes to be patient.

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    smile Re: Nokia X3-02 Update & WiFi not working


    I Had The Same Prob With My Nokia X3-02. But... I Messed Around & I Found Out That The Prob Was NOT!! The Phone, But The Channel That My Wireless Router Was Brodcasting On. It Was On Mode G&B On Channel 11. But When I Changed The Channel To Number 2, My Wifi Shot On Like A Bullet!

    So, Do The "Ask First" Config On Your Phone, But Then You Must Login To Your Home Router & Change The Wifi Broadcast Channel. Try A Few Till You Get The Right Result!

    Hope This Helps You All

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