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Thread: Nokia E52 not turning ON after update

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    Nokia E52 not turning ON after update

    I have using my Nokia E52 from last one year and never had even a single problem on this phone but since I have updated this phone, It is not getting started. Actually when I am trying to switch it on then it vibrated once and nothing happens further then that. Is there anybody who can tell me what is wrong with my phone? Everytime I press power button, It just vibrates.

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    Re: Nokia E52 not turning ON after update

    Something seems to be very serious with your phone due to which your phone is not getting switched on. I think you should reinstall the operating system (FIRMWARE) of your mobile phone. I hope that there is nothing wrong with your phone's hardware so that reinstalling the firmware will solve your problem. If your phone is under warranty then it would be even better to deal with this problem.

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    Re: Nokia E52 not turning ON after update

    I guess something have got wrong while updating your phone because of which your phone might not be getting switched on quickly. I suggest you to pull out the battery of your phone and then keep it outside for few minutes and then put it back at its place. Now try to turn ON your phone and then check that it works or not. If it gets started then first of all you should take backup of your phone as it can get off again anytime. Once you finish with taking backup, then not worry even if you have to reinstall the whole operating system on it.

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    Re: Nokia E52 not turning ON after update

    I recommend you to directly claim the warranty of your phone if you have ever extended its warranty. If not then first try to check your phone's battery by using it in some other compatible phone. Once you are done with it then you need to check your phone's functionality by connecting it with the computer system. Actually if your phone does not get ON anyhow then there is no other way then reinstalling the Symbian on it. All the data of your phone will get lost.

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