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Thread: VoIP application for Nokia E5

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    VoIP application for Nokia E5

    I have recently purchased a new mobile phone as Nokia E5 and it is running on the symbian operating system. And I have also activated the 3g service on number. I am looking to install an application by which I can make free internet calls. I know there are many applications but I donít know which is the best and useful software. If anyone knows about the same then please help me to solve my problem.

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    Re: VoIP application for Nokia E5

    Despite the fever of iPhones ahead until next July 11 when they leave the new iPhone 3G in most countries, there are still many people who, like it or not, are using phones with the Symbian operating system and have many interesting applications to make and receive calls using 3G or WiFi connection.

    In we have put together a list where we have your opinion about these applications:

    - Gizmo:
    One of the most popular SIP applications. Available on many platforms, including Windows, Mac, Linux and Symbian Serie60. A Java application is available in Although recommended instead use the native application you can download Gizmo from this site Nokia .

    - Truphone:
    Truphone is usually the favorite VoIP application for many, because among other advantages, it easily integrates with mobile personal agenda. Another advantage is that you can automatically switch between different networks and use the Wi-Fi or 3G depending on the coverage. You can download it from your page.

    - EQO:
    EQO is more interesting for other reasons. Uses the GSM network to handle a VoIP call, so you can receive VoIP calls and, if you do not have Wifi or 3G coverage, you will receive a GSM call. Besides this advantage, it allows instant messaging (IM) like MSN, Yahoo and GoogleTalk.

    - Skype:
    What about Skype, in addition to that already available for Symbian phones that can download from their website .

    - Fring :
    We also talked at length about Fring and the advantages, I pretty much summed up by saying that has all the advantages that have been said in previous applications, and is compatible with Skype, ICQ, allowing roaming between 3G and WiFi and P2P file sending between Fring users.

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    Re: VoIP application for Nokia E5

    The Skype VoIP app for Symbian quite many advantages. The only requirement is a Skype account and, where appropriate, the charging of funds in the appropriate account. Calls to other Skype users are free worldwide possible and instant messages can be exchanged with individuals or a group for free. Calls to international fixed and mobile networks may be performed during normal Skype rates. Who is abroad, can public WiFi hotspots to use for calls and also saves the roaming charges. Incoming calls to the Skype online number will also be automatically forwarded to your phone. The app also shows which Skype contacts are available and allows the import of contacts from the phone's phonebook.

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