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Thread: Recording call on iphone

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    Recording call on iphone

    From last two years I have been using Sony Ericson mobile phone. Now I have switched myself to iphone which was developed by Apple Company. I want to know if I can record call in my iphone. If yes then give me the solution describing the steps through which I can record phone call. Also give me the name of software if available which will help me in recording call on my iphone.

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    Re: Recording call on iphone

    There is no such application available under iphone through which you can record call. If you want to record call in iphone then you need to purchase additional software which will help you in recording call. The steps to record call on iphone are given below:
    1. You need to browse to the application store and then search for the recorder software.
    2. Click on buy button and download the recorder software on your iphone.
    3. You can use either "1-hour time block" or "8-hour time block" before you start using recorder software. Now you need to click on the recorder application from your iphone to record a call. Select the number for which you wish to record a call. You should wait until the recipient is notified.
    4. Now you need to click on end call button to terminate the call recording. Now you need to launch recording list which will include the call that you recorded.
    5. Click on the play button to play the recorded call. The recorded call will start to play on iphone.

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    Re: Recording call on iphone

    Thanks for providing me the solution for recording the call on my iphone. I have purchased recorder application from the application and my call was successfully recorded. Sometimes white screen appears on my iphone. I thought that there might be battery problem due to which white screen was appearing so I replaced the battery but the problem wasn’t resolved. I need a solution through which I can troubleshoot this problem also I want steps for resetting my iphone.

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    Re: Recording call on iphone

    If you are getting white screen on your iphone then you can easily resolve it by following the steps given below:
    • You need to turn off the iphone by pressing the power button which is located at top of the iphone on the right hand side.
    • You need to press the power button which is circular button located at the iphone screen. By using this button you can go back to your home screen.
    • You need to press both the power and the home button till the black screen appears on the iphone and it restarts.
    • After the iphone restarts, apple logo will appear on the screen and the white screen problem will be fixed.

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    Re: Recording call on iphone

    The steps to reset the iphone are given below:
    1. You need to download and install iTunes on your system. If you are already having iTunes installed then you need to update it with the latest update.
    2. You need to connect your iphone into the computer. ITunes will automatically start to synchronizing, copying or backing up the calendar etc.
    3. You need to select summary tab from the top of the screen and then click on the restore option from the drop down menu.
    4. Wait until your iphone hard resets. After the iphone has been resettled you will be prompted whether you want to restore data settings.
    5. After selecting yes your iphone will be restored with the synchronized data.

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