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Thread: FIFA 11 slows down the iphone4

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    FIFA 11 slows down the iphone4

    I have got an iPhone 4, I make a great use of it in my leisure time, recently I had been playing on my FIFA 11 , it is such a brilliant game you will not believe and it is very difficult to track tell and differentiate whether you are watching a live game or playing a game , but I am facing an issue with this FIFA 11 , it is been slowing down a bit whenever I tried to play and the game normally slows down during the free kick or throw in

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    Re: FIFA 11 slows down the iphone4

    I know that games are well compatible in iphone , but I am not sure about the FIFA 11 compatibility with the iphone 4, since it is not much long the FIFA 11 has been launched and I am not sure how actually it works with the iphone, you had mentioned that whenever you get on a event when the player hits the goal kick or throws in the ball the game speed slows down. Yes it can be possible and there is a possibility that these games may cause such sort of issue.

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    Re: FIFA 11 slows down the iphone4

    I think you should contact the Apple support and get the further help. You can explain them about the core issue , if your device is under warranty you can get it replaced as soon as possible. It is also possible that the game installed in your iphone is not installed the way it should , you can connect it with the system and install it. Please let me know after you have contacted the Apple support.

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    Re: FIFA 11 slows down the iphone4

    Well I am not pretty sure but your issue will be resolved after you have made an hard reset in your iPhone .This comes in useful when the device will no t power on or is not responding . This will erase all data off the iphonebut you can execute a Restore using by connecting it to your computer to retrieve your data back.Press the Home button and hold it for a while , this button has a big circle beneath the screen and along with that press the Sleep/Wake button Continue holding both buttons . You will have to press it simultaneously , this will turn off the iphone and reboot. Once you see the Apple logo you have made a successful hard reset.

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    Re: FIFA 11 slows down the iphone4

    Yes I too was facing some similar sort of issue , in fact I was not playing FIFA 11 on the iphone but some other game, as it was a third party game I had to jail break it first and then install the third party game in it . My game to made the iphone perform very slower than usual, later on I came to know that all the high end games lay some sort of impact on the performance of the iphone , well it now seems the only possible solution will be to kill the application that are not required , I think it can boost the speed of your game a bit.

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