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Thread: Lenovo LePad Review and Specificaton

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    Lenovo LePad Review and Specificaton

    Hi there, While I am surfing on the net I have come to know about the Lenovo’s new tablet PC Lepad and liked the design of the same. I am planning to go with the small detail regarding Lenovo Lepad so that I should come to know about the same. If anyone is having the idea about this device feature and specification then do let me know about same so that I can easily understand about this device and buy it.

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    Re: Lenovo LePad Review and Specificaton

    The Lenovo LePad in December and could still be delivered by Santa even brought on time under the Christmas tree come. A price is not mentioned, but for this there should be little change since the last show. With Android OS, Linux OS, instead Skylight with as we have to give us satisfactory surface. Otherwise, the screen will probably continue to be an ARM CPU, 16GB Flash memory, 512MB RAM and a good 10.1-inch capacitive be integrated. The U1 is it true that this extension until January at a really interesting product, but somewhere you have to do with the customer so hunting.

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    Re: Lenovo LePad Review and Specificaton

    Lenovo's modular flat + Internet U1 Hybird the CES earlier this year has been on display, so when we saw this product is almost on the eve of the next CES. Lenovo said in December this year, will this product shelves, starting in China, this 10.1-inch device will be the Chinese market, a powerful weapon against Apple iPad, which uses Snapdragon ARM CPU (integrated graphics), new Skylight Linux OS, built-in 16GB flash memory, 512M memory, there may be Intel Core 2 Duo CPU's with Windows 7 version appears.

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    Re: Lenovo LePad Review and Specificaton

    Believe it or not, it has been nearly a year, because we caught a look of Lenovo IdeaPad U1 hybrid , although we have heard many times the equipment and part of the new tablet - the LePad - is still kicking, we have There are some rock solid evidence this time. Well, we got some of the best evidence of the - pictures and direction of China's 10.1-inch flat-panel LePad U1 early impression, the base / shell. Now, we do not want to get your hopes too much - we did not accompany the unit or all that much time, they are at a very early form, but that does not stop us from playing around with them while taking some notes. Interested? We think so. Playing a short run-down to rest, do not forget the way you carefully read the following galleries.

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