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Thread: Integrated microphone not working in hp dv6000

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    Integrated microphone not working in hp dv6000

    I have newly upgraded my hp dv6000 by installing windows 7 on it which was windows vista installed prior to this . The microphone is already integrated in my laptop system but however after installing the new operating system it had stopped working, AI think the issue might be with the drivers of the microphone , but I am not pretty sure about this , so that is why I have typed my query in this forum , I am anticipating that you people will definitely guide me to resolve this audio issue.

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    Re: Integrated microphone not working in hp dv6000

    Thank you for posting your query in techarena forum, I would first recommend you to Download the driver and then install them after checking the Windows 7 operating system . You can these microphone drivers in Windows 7 compatibility centre which you will be able to locate in the Microsoft official website : Check the Windows Compatibility to confirm if your audio drivers for hp dv6000 are well-suited.
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    Re: Integrated microphone not working in hp dv6000

    There is one more alternative for you to resolve this microphone issue . Well according to me the drivers for your hp laptop system do not seem to be compatible with your current operating system and therefore I would advocate you to download the drivers that will be compatible for the Windows Vista operating system , then you can run the same software in the Windows Vista mode , you will not need to download any other thing , if you are not aware let me inform you that there is a mode in Windows Vista mode in the Windows 7 operating system that enables you to run the software which are not compatible with the Windows 7 operating system but run on Windows Vista . So I think this will solve your issue easily, if still you cannot resolve issue you can post back your query I will try to do a bit of more research and give you the exact solution .

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    Re: Integrated microphone not working in hp dv6000

    I recommend you to test your audio signal , to do it you will have to follow the below set of instructions
    • You will have to Click Start, and then after select the Control Panel.
    • Choose the option by clicking Hardware and Sounds, and then click on Managing audio devices option
    • Select the Recording tab.
    • To check the microphone, you will have to speak into it. To test line-in, send a indication to the line-in port from the source audio device (press play from the audio player). Check if the bars in the recording tab are grey or not.

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    Re: Integrated microphone not working in hp dv6000

    If the gray bars next to the microphone transform to green, this device is lively and an sound signal is being sent through the microphone or line-in port. This measure indicates that issue is related to audio settings in the software that is making the use of microphone. If you did not follow that , set the chosen device to default and change the levels. Once the microphone is set to default and the levels are set, use and regulate the audio recording or sound carrying application. If the gray bars stay gray and motionless, the device is not acknowledging a signal.

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