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Thread: On Dell Inspiron 1720 Windows 7 Installation Hangs

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    On Dell Inspiron 1720 Windows 7 Installation Hangs

    I contain a Dell Inspiron 1720 that I am using on. The unique trouble by means of this PC was that it was accidently push to rotten throughout a Windows Update. The PC will only weight on the way to a black display through a white movable pointer. Not capable to decide that problem, I determined to buy a substitution hard drive and continue to full a complete mount of Windows 7 by means of the Dell Reinstallation Window 7 32BIT compact disk that come up to by means of the PC. Towards the extremely end of the setting up, the system dangle on the implementation setting up sector.

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    Re: On Dell Inspiron 1720 Windows 7 Installation Hangs

    First worry back up data on elderly hard drive. Because we’re going on the way to utilize this toward install the fresh operating system. After that, you wish for to create a new setting up on an arrangement drive. Also the older or fresh, either one you desire to utilize. Be sure on the way to choose the accurate divider on the way to set up the operating system taking place. If your setting up hangs once more at the finish you might have an awful disc. If the PC is below guarantee you be able to get in touch by means of dell and allow them be familiar with if your conclusion, or allow me be familiar with and we be able to get you a place of revival discs intended for your computer. If that doesn’t occupation, we'll shift onto the after that probable problem hardware question.

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    Re: On Dell Inspiron 1720 Windows 7 Installation Hangs

    I have the following problem. Whenever I install on Dell Inspiron 1720 laptop like my Vista, the installation hangs at the "Installation is complete. Have been waiting a long time, even several hours nothing happened. Only the laptop is still ordenlich charge at the point after a certain time and listened to it because on the CD stops spinning up. When I try to install Windows XP it says that no hard drives could be found. Can you please help me quickly? I need the Laptop file.

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    Re: On Dell Inspiron 1720 Windows 7 Installation Hangs

    You have the cd with drivers then restart the installation of windows 7. When choosing the partition, you have an option to load drivers. Windows 7 will ask for the cd with the drivers, insert the cd and click on OK and show the way to drivers which will be there on cd . Choose the drivers SATA or raid. I hope I was clear to solve your confusion or the problem.

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