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Thread: How to rotate a video taken upside-down on my iPhone 4?

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    How to rotate a video taken upside-down on my iPhone 4?

    I recently record several videos on my iPhone 4. The problem is that one is upside down, as well as one is to the left. Is there any means I be able on the way to rotate these as a result they are ordinary looking? I do not desire to have on the way to give more 30 $ for QuickTime pro as a result is there a free of charge program I am able to do this by means of it? Thanks in advance.

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    Re: How to rotate a video taken upside-down on my iPhone 4?

    This just occurs to me nowadays. I by coincidence started to record the video on my iPhone 4 in portrait mode earlier than rotating the phone to landscape.You be able to resolve the direction in Quicktime Pro for Windows or else Mac.
    1. Copy video to your PC..
    2. Open it in Quicktime Pro
    3. From the menu in Quicktime Pro choose Window/Show Movie Properties
    4. At what time the Movie Properties windows come into view, choose the video track/ Visual Settings tab.
    5. On top of the Visual Settings tab there are button to alter the videos direction. As a result if you shot the video in portrait mode for instance, select the "rotate counter-clockwise" button.
    6. Exit Quicktime Pro.
    That's it! Hope this help to you

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    Re: How to rotate a video taken upside-down on my iPhone 4?

    On one occasion the video is in use, no. However for future videos, you have to construct in no doubt you grasp it by means of the record key on the right in landscape mode. I am left-handed as well as I have made the error a small number of times. The strange thing is if I export the video on the way to iMovie on my desktop computer to alter it, it's upside down, however if I export it on the way to iMovie on my iPhone, alter and after that export to YouTube or else whatsoever, it's okay.

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    Re: How to rotate a video taken upside-down on my iPhone 4?

    I also have the similar trouble. At what time I copy video over to my desktop computer, if they were not shot in landscape mode at the accurate direction, they will moreover be upside down or else to the right. The UI (user interface) on the cell phone rotates by means of the physical direction of the cell phone, on the other hand the video does not. Several have made the case that this is the means it be supposed to be for the reason that you may possibly be videoing upside down on point. On the other hand if this is the case they be supposed to have an choice to revolve this off if preferred. At least they are supposed on the way to alter the UI(user interface) as a result that it is noticeable at what time you are recording upside down or else sideways.

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    Re: How to rotate a video taken upside-down on my iPhone 4?

    You be able to make use of Free-Video-Flip-and-Rotate.exe. The supported opereating systems are windows xp and windows 7. Free-Video-Flip-and-Rotate rotate video or else flip video by means of one mouse click.Very quick as well as simple. Some of its presets are that it rotate video 90 degree clock wise as well as 180 degree. You can use it to flip video horizontal as well as vertical.

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