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Thread: How to Ping on the iPad

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    How to Ping on the iPad

    Hey I have Intel iPad and along with that I have no complaint from my ipad I likes all its features. But I have one question related to iPad. I want to Ping on the iPad but I don’t know anything about this so please help me so that I can do what I want to do. Along with that if you have any advice about my topic you can suggest me over here.

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    Re: How to Ping on the iPad

    Apple makes active its Ping social networking service for users of its iPad device. Ping on the iPad provide you the capability to observe your friends action, the people following you as well as you profile. You are able to as well “Like” plus post a message to your Ping account. Tapping on a song while on the iPad unveils “Like” as well as “Post” buttons, so you are capable to share your approach on individual songs and albums. Ping is obtainable automatically on the iPad’s edition of iTunes. If you are logged in to your Apple account, you be supposed to observe Ping on the bottom menu bar.

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    Re: How to Ping on the iPad

    Apple has inserted the music networking service Ping to the iPad. After updated Apple's iTunes application on your iPad, you be able to reminder that Ping has its own tab in the iTunes app. With Ping, you be able to without difficulty go after friends, post comments as well as connect by means of their Twitter accounts, and buy music from iTunes.

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    Re: How to Ping on the iPad

    Apple has now made Ping, its social network for music, accessible on the iPad. As noted by Mark Gurman, it has now show in the iTunes application. In a nutshell, Ping on the iPad is the whole thing you would be expecting it to be. It consists of the similar type of three panels you recognize from the iPhone edition, that is: activity, people, as well as profile. There, you be able to track the movement of the people as well as artists you go after, “like” things, as well as comment. After that, you be able to utilize it to locate new people to go after as well as control your news feed. Finally, you be able to utilize it to control your profile.

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    Re: How to Ping on the iPad

    Apple has added the capacity for iPad users to get their Ping accounts through the iTunes app. The Ping tab permits users to vision their action feed, followers, profile, as well as a separate section committed to performance, with local shows, artists on tour, as well as links to buy tickets. Ping went live on Apple’s other iOS 4 devices in near the beginning September.

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