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Thread: How to setup Horde Webmail account on my iPhone 3G

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    How to setup Horde Webmail account on my iPhone 3G

    I have version 4.0.2 I can select to add my horde webmail account and put my email and password perfectly well, but it tells me the username and password to are wrong and to enter them again, other mailings if I can put on and does not tell me that but my main account is not letting me to avheice this, I have in the settings of gmail as imap enabled. Anyone faced similar problems can tell me how to fix it.

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    Re: How to setup Horde Webmail account on my iPhone 3G

    Must configure their mail account,

    • Enter your login and password. Once your interface, go to Options, then click "Server Information"
    • Then check "Use IMAP folder subscriptions? "
    • Finally, click on "Save Changes". Voila, your account is configured for IMAP!
    • We configure the email account in iPhone:
    • Go to the SpringBoard, Settings -> Mail -> Add Account -> Other
    • Enter the information according to this method:
    • Name: Your Name and Surname
    • Address: Your email address
    • Password: one of your free email
    • Description: What you want
    • An error will then appear, SSL unmanaged: Confirm with "YES"
    • The connection is failed, it is quite normal!
    • Step 4
    • That's when the IMAP configuration will appear.
    • Receiving server
    • Hostname:
    • Username: YourLogin WITHOUT "@"
    • Password: your password.
    • See "Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP)
    • Hostname:
    • Username: NOTHING
    • Password: NOTHING
    • Step 5:
    • Then click on "Save", again an error SSL unmanaged will appear and confirm "YES", then ran the setup and you will have direct access to your mail from the springboard.

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    Re: How to setup Horde Webmail account on my iPhone 3G

    imap: This protocol allows to leave the emails on the server in order to view them from different e-mail clients or webmail. It includes advanced features such as multiple mailboxes, the ability to create folders to sort your e-mails ... The fact that messages are stored on the server that the user can access all his messages from n ' anywhere on the network. Otherwise you should normally be accessible everywhere, but only via wifi. OR by The 3G/EDGE

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    Re: How to setup Horde Webmail account on my iPhone 3G

    I managed to send mail via my iphone but for the receipt I do not understand. All mails arrive on my computer but not on my iphone when it is properly configured. Is it because I'm home? because the reception would be very helpful to me during my vacation. The next frame appears on the iPhone: Can not meet the mail. Connection to server failed Thank you for your reply.

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    Re: How to setup Horde Webmail account on my iPhone 3G

    I started and it's always the same. But I ask myself this question: when I'm home I open my mail on the computer, I do not get duplicated? (PC and iPhone). To open them in the iphone is only when I'm away from home. Is there anz solution that can work in the mail to your computer. yes I know am not good. But please help me in this matter if you can .

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