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Thread: Mobile phone with full HD video recording camera

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    Mobile phone with full HD video recording camera

    I want to buy a new mobile phone which is capable to record full hd video. That is around 1080p. And this will help a lot. Because whenever I go out for a picnic then it is complicated to take two devices in hand. Here if I can have a phone with good camera then it will be great for saving a lot of space. Are there any good models in the market which are capable of recording hd videos. I had tried to look certain models but unable to locate the same. I do not want any china phones.

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    Recently LG announced to release optimus 2X mobile phone. It is a high-end smartphones which will soon a new high-level competitor. It is the world's first mobile phone that will have a dual core processor and NVIDIA Tegra 2. So you can just imaging the performance here. It will be amazing. It will come with ability to record movies in Full HD. It is a kind of new smartphone from LG which also comes with tons of multimedia capabilities. And for camera you will have 8-megapixel.

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    I had also heard about LG which is officially going to announce Optimus 2X. This will be an amazing product which lot of features. And this is going to available soon. There are no other phones in the market that are loaded with such things. One of the most major factor to check here is the price. Which depends a lot. If this is a very costly phone then it will be easier to choose a digital camera. That will be more simple I think.

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