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Thread: How to Install Weathericon on iPad

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    How to Install Weathericon on iPad

    I have a problem, I installed via Cydia weather icon. It appears in my settings. In the category status bar, though I put YES to show image and show time, I have the temperature that appears when I saw elsewhere that show with image we should have a small picture of the current weather has side of the battery icon, yet I have nothing. If not 2, the temperature just above that I have never stands up to date so that I have put in settings for weather icon: refresh every 1 minute and yet it does not refresh. Only when I go to the official weather application of iPad, only this time it does an update and makes the required changes I mean current weather and temperature then the status bar is updated after a few seconds. I do not know what the reason is and hence I am thinking that I have done some mistakes at the time of installation of weathericon on iPad.

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    Re: How to Install Weathericon on iPad

    I had the same concern, after installing cydia katra weather icons and more weathericon and then after its activation in winterboard. Everything went fine. To refresh the temperature, try to change weather in spring weathericon because you must be on the iPhone weather, take another test to weather. Try to do these things and check whether the problem that you are facing is resolved or not. If you are not able to solve the problem on your iPad or iPhone then you have to provide more information related to your problem.

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    Re: How to Install Weathericon on iPad

    For me there is a big crash at reboot springboard, more cydia icon and even after doing the safemode reboot cydia no longer the icon is available to remove the tweak. So the big alternative facility iPhone Explorer that works very well and good practice incidentally. So it took me to find the root of tweak in cydia after doing several Google search I found these things and I hope that this can be used to resolve the issue. / Root Directory / Library / MobileSubstrate / DynamicLibraries and remove the tweak and / Root Directory / Library / PreferenceLoader / Preferences and delete the tweak and yes it is two different places. That is after reboot everything is back to normal.

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    Re: How to Install Weathericon on iPad

    Well this morning wondering how to change partner in LockInfo that is appearing on the name of your city instead of the weather forecast: clear, cloudy, the fact is that online reading was through weathericon. Well, I downloaded the repo weathericon or whatever, and I have the Iphone in safe mode. I uninstall it and this thing is no longer in safe mode. But it re-install and return to the safe mode. Is there anyone who knows how to fix it? Any related reply will be appreciated.

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