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Thread: How to clear cydia queue

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    How to clear cydia queue

    Hello, I am facing really horrible problem with Cydia. I am having an application with the name LockInfo, and this cannot be installed perfectly without sitting in the queue. I have already installed LockInfo, but now I want to reinstall this thing, since I have downloaded the LockInfo theme and the Lockinfo application that are coming with it. Now the problem is that if I am trying to install anything else on Cydia then it ask to install LockInfo before doing any installation and installing LockInfo fails every time. This means that I cannot install any application. So how to clear the cydia queue, any related solution for this problem will be appreciated.

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    Re: How to clear cydia queue

    As far as I know LockInfo does not comes with any theme as published by developer. If you are struggling to install the theme as you are saying that it comes with LockInfo then you should be careful. I think that this is something else in you deb package. This thing can be harmful your iPhone. According to the description that you have given, cydia is trying to fix something that is causing mess. I think that you should approach to developer of LockInfo, his name is David. I am sure that you will get the solution there.

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    Re: How to clear cydia queue

    I was also facing similar kind of problem. If I want to install a package from Cydia, it will always ask for gpSPhone. I have already deleted the queue etc but it is not going away. As far as I know gpSPhone is indeed the gameboy simulator. So if you want to install a gameboy game, then it is clear that the simulator also cydia installed! If it is but a stray bullet, then try the terminal. I have tried these things. login root [Root PW], apt-get clean and apt-get update. But these steps are not solving the problem that I am facing. If you have any solution for this kind of problem then let me know about that.

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    Re: How to clear cydia queue

    I wanted to download gpSPhone and NES but I realized that I had to click in the queue. Suddenly, I was downloading each wants to do, it starts as a result and are arrested because they are paying (cydia awning) and I released a 403 forbidden error. I am trying to empty the queue but the button to empty it is not. What can I do resolve the issue I am facing. I know that all the above members are also having same problem, but I cannot help it as I am also having the same problem but not the solution.

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