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Thread: Alarm problem in iphone.

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    Alarm problem in iphone.

    I have iphone for my multiple purpose its working fine but the only problem is the its alarm is not working properly when I tried to set on particular time it’s not rings and sometime after stop its again ringing without any setting .I don’t know why is this happening If anybody having idea about this proper setting then please let me know. I need I t urgently because I have to wake up early in the morning.any other software for this then tell me.

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    Re: Alarm problem in iphone.

    I thing there is problem with alarm settings, I am giving you some basic step for setup alarm in right way.First you need to set right time and right time format like 12 hours or 24 hour clock.Now open clock application. You will see world clock, alarm, stopwatch and timer. From this select the alarm.On alarm screen you will get edit option then plus sign to right. Click on plus sign.Then you will see numbers for editing. Set the alarm time and with this you will see Sound, Label, Sound and Repeat. By using repeat you can choose alarm frequency by day or by week.By clicking on sound you can select alarm tone. By clicking on snooze you can set time of alarm repetition after pause by you. By using label you can enter text of your work so you can see when alarm rings like reminder.

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    Re: Alarm problem in iphone.

    I think you need to check time format first there is two time format such as 24 hours clock and 12 hours . Then you need to check your preferred country for time format if you choose different country that you are living then there can chance of misunderstanding of timings .some time it happens when you traveled from one country to another one. Then you need to check snooze time which you have set. Then you will never face this problem again.

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    Re: Alarm problem in iphone.

    I am giving you some simple steps by which you can set your alarm in improper way.Restart your iphone. Wait until I phone load completely. Click on clock application.Come across the application labeled "Clock". Press it. Go on the "Alarm" tab on the down side of the screen. Get the plus sign in the top right of the screen and click on it. Modify your preferences. You can select the time, when it should repeat the alarm, the sound the alarm will make, if you want a snooze button, and a name for the alarm.

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