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Thread: Want to buy the cheapest QWERTY phones

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    Want to buy the cheapest QWERTY phones

    I'm looking for a cheap QWERTY phone with any present color 3.5mm of thickness, or the speedy port(the one with Sony Ericsonís) it can be the type where I have to slide it consecutively to access the QWERTY pad, providing it can do QWERTY itís ok the product available in my country are as follows:
    • LG
    • Nokia
    • Samsung
    • Apple(worst)
    • and some additional china phone products not value mentioning

    So far, I've seen alternative like the Nokia C3, the Samsung B3215, Samsung CorbyTXT1 and the LG GW525, I might be eager to buy one of these but is there any other options? Preferably something cheaper than above mentioned products.

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    Re: Want to buy the cheapest QWERTY phones

    Samsung Corby Txt1 has a very terrible display screen though it has a big screen. I go for LG. LG GW525 is a excellent phone. Keys are fine and so is the sound superiority so you can go for it. BTW Corby Pro B5310 is also a very excellent phone that meets your necessities. But it is not as economical as other phones listed previously. Corby plus B3410 too has slide out QWERTY (also having touch screen display) but dunno if it has 3.5mm thickness but the price is similar to LG GW525!

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    Re: Want to buy the cheapest QWERTY phones

    I was also looking for Samsung Corby Plus but I finished up receiving a Nokia 5230. I must articulate that it is a very good phone with excellent audio quality. The 3.2 inches long screen is attractive too! It has an on-screen QWERTY button pads and it is excellent too! You can type with both hands in landscape manner. Buttons are large enough. So if you want to have QWERT phones from the Nokia side I will suggest you to buy 5230 also. Since it is affordable and you donít require this for office work so this makes that even special.

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    Re: Want to buy the cheapest QWERTY phones

    I think no one beats Samsung in QWERTY phone. There are many cheaper Phone with slide-out QWERTY and catchy looks out in the cell phones market of Samsung company e.g. Samsung Corby Mate. Though its display screen does not have touch screen feature but it has 3.5mm jack with the slim look but the audio feature is excellent. Or else you have cheap Chinese phones which are not value receiving as they are untrustworthy and the software is too buggy. But I would still advise you Nokia 5233 or Samsung Corby Plus as they are a lot better. BTW if you actually like the appearance factor of LG GW525 then also look for Nokia E63 it has also some nice features.

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