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Thread: Bluetooth is not working in Dell INSPIRON N5010

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    Bluetooth is not working in Dell INSPIRON N5010

    Hi all I am having a Dell INSPIRON N5010 laptop with windows 7 platform. Which is having inbuilt Bluetooth in the machine, but there is a problem with the Bluetooth which is occurred while I tried to connect my mobile with the laptop via bluetooth. It failed to connect the mobile. Is there anyone having any issue, for make the connection? I tried to select the Bluetooth device from other computer and this detect easily, then it is not detecting from my computer, any solution for this issue?

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    Re: Bluetooth is not working in Dell INSPIRON N5010

    Make sure, while you are tried to connect the bo9the the computer and the mobile the Bluetooth for both the devices are turned on. I think there should any problem in the computer and I suggest you to do one simple trick to solve this issue. First of all reboot the machine along with that also the mobile, now after turn on switch on the Bluetooth, search the Bluetooth device from your mobile, it will detect the laptop’s Bluetooth device name and after recognizing the device, click on pair option, or this option might be some times flashes automatically if you are willing to send nay file from your mobile to computer or laptop. Do paired them, I hope after that the problem will not occurred.

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    Re: Bluetooth is not working in Dell INSPIRON N5010

    The problem that you mentioned in your is clearly sounds as problem in the Bluetooth driver that you installed in your machine and as per my knowledge for this type of problem the detection problems the detection problem will occur in either the computer or the mobile. I had the similar issue and I fix this issue very simple. So I suggest you to might be the driver that you are using is outdated or crashed, for that you need to update the driver, by enter in to the device manager and from there go to the Bluetooth driver, select the device driver tab and from there select the update option. Try this one I hope this will definitely helps you.

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    Re: Bluetooth is not working in Dell INSPIRON N5010

    Insert the Bluetooth software installation disk in to your CD ROM drive, from this disk you can able to do three things to solve this issue. One of them is re-install but before that uninstall the existing one also remove the other file those are related with the application version, physically from the machine. Now re-install the software application in your machine again. Other way is you can repair the application. Run the application installation process and from that installation windows select the repair option, this will install the application version. Also if you are having the driver disk or the installer file then this will also works in this problem, you can easily upgrade the driver or re-install the driver for the installation disk. Just simply click on the manually update option under the driver tab, it will asks you to locate the driver to update, select that from the disk and begin the process.

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    Re: Bluetooth is not working in Dell INSPIRON N5010

    i ran the bluetooth software provided by dell
    just a small tweak
    used it in compatibility mode
    works perfect now
    2 year old problem solved

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