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Thread: Blank screen on startup in Dell XPS M1530 laptop

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    Blank screen on startup in Dell XPS M1530 laptop

    Today while I am tried to turning on my XPS laptop and to my shock it does not! The power comes on, the power LED is ON and it creates all the sounds the laptop itself creates on startup but the screen only continues blank. I attempted to leave it ON while I gone outside, but still not anything is occurs. I have previously seemed through the tech support and could not locate anything. It tells me my LCD possibly out of order but if that is the case an exterior monitor would work but even utilizing one not anything is exhibits so I can rule out a busted LCD. I called tech support and the manager does not even provide support and just informs me right off the bat I require to replace my LCD for 20,000 Indian Rupees, even though I informed him I tried utilizing an exterior monitor and can discard a busted LCD so no assist there. Can anybody recommend as to what may be mistaken and what I can do? I truly do trust it is not defective hardware as I am a student and just do not contain that kind of cash to split out. As well it may be noted I have had extremely no troubles with it in the history and the night I was by means of it earlier than it was working completely well.

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    Re: Blank screen on startup in Dell XPS M1530 laptop

    Do you observe something on the screen at any point while you push the power button, the Dell BIOS logo or anything at all? While you attempted the exterior monitor did you make certain to make use of the exterior monitor key press to make certain you were switching over to the exterior port? While you say: every sound the laptop itself makes on start up, do you perceive sound of windows starting up? The key stroke I was using to is the one for CRT or for LCD. Does it make any meticulous sound? Like three small beeps, or something which would represent a pattern.

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    Re: Blank screen on startup in Dell XPS M1530 laptop

    There is not anything on the screen. I should have been a little more precise: the screen only comes into view to be off somewhat than blank. I am not familiar with the FN or monitor key as I have not at all had to utilize it. Is it the CRT or LCD FN key? By sounds I indicate the laptop hardware sounds while turned ON. There is no windows noise or anything from the speakers. No beeps. The sound I was referring to was just the CD drive affecting or something, it is most likely simpler to appreciate if you own similar one but yes. No additional sound other than that. I attempted the CRT or LCD but it does not appear to work, rather it does not appear like anything works one time it is been turned ON. The screen continued OFF and not anything else occurs. Are any of your palm rest lights staying ON while you endeavor to boot the machine up? If so, which ones and in what order once it begins up and keeps ON still for some seconds?

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    Re: Blank screen on startup in Dell XPS M1530 laptop

    Not confident what you indicate by palm rest lights, but if you are talking about the power lock or caps lock or num lock then they are placed somewhere else on this model. If you are talking about those lights then none of them come ON for the duration of regular startup. I did attempt to turn it ON while holding the FN button and all the lights come ON apart from for the number lock which only sparks. The lights stay like that for an indefinite period.

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    Re: Blank screen on startup in Dell XPS M1530 laptop

    It sounds to moreover be something is not seated correctly on your motherboard or your motherboard is awful. Let us select to seem into the slighter of wickedness. I would attempt re-seating the memory modules primarily. You can learn about how to do this by watching a few of the installation videos. One thing to note is to for all time eliminate the A/C adapter, eliminate the battery and push the power button on your laptop previous to working on it. The system should not at all be powered and pressing the power button later than will assist release any energy left in the system.

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    Exclamation Re: Blank screen on startup in Dell XPS M1530 laptop

    there is ~100% failure rate for all m1530 with 8600gt graphics cards. as the computer turns on and off the chip degrades between periods of hot/cold.

    go to nvidiasettlement to see if your specific model is affected, if you purchased it before jan 1 2009. if you purchased it after that you'll have to argue with dell technicians over chat politely and matter-of-factly until they extend your warranty another year, but only for that part and experiencing the symptoms you'll find at the nvidia settlement site.

    blank screen startup is probably the most common symptom "intermittent video issues".

    if you don't qualify for the claim at nvidia, OR you'd just rather dell honor their commitment to extend your warranty a year past it's original expiration date and get it fixed sooner - read:

    and then do the hardware chat. good luck

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