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Thread: Dell 2335dn printer generating automatic reports

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    Dell 2335dn printer generating automatic reports

    I am having a Dell 2335dn printer and using it from last few months. It is being serving me the best and never game me any kind of issue but from last week I am getting the automatic email confirmation whenever I send a fax and then the report of the same is generated with a print out. I am not able to stop this one and unnecessary printouts are been removed automatically whenever u sends a fax. It is becoming a head ache to me and also a waste of money because it is consuming the cartridges without any reason. Is there is any way that will help me to stop the printer from behaving such.

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    Re: Dell 2335dn printer generating automatic reports

    If you have to solve this issue then just download the patch for it. Because it is kind of error that can be solved with the patch only. So wait fro the company to release the patch and if the patch is already being released then just download it and then install it on your system I am sure that it will help you to get rid of the problem. it is not any kind of hardware issue that will screw you buy is a software problem which can’t be solved without the patch.

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    Re: Dell 2335dn printer generating automatic reports

    Well in this case you have to do the firmware upgrade which will upgrade the firmware and may heal any issue with the printer. The chances to stop the printer form generating the by upgrading the firmware are less so you also have to check for the drivers whether they are doing well or not if not then just perform a driver update.

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    Re: Dell 2335dn printer generating automatic reports

    I have gone through your issue and it seems to me that if you have to solve the issue without harming the printer then contact DELL for it. So you have to visit the nearest customer support of dell and then just place a complaint by letting them know the exact problem faced by you. I hope they will cooperate with you and help you to solve the problem.

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    Re: Dell 2335dn printer generating automatic reports

    According to me you have to Run the troubleshooting tool to find the error. The trouble shooting tool will search for the errors if there and also will place in front of you and will guide you to take the appropriate actions. If you are known to the problem then just take evasive actions to fix it. But keep one thing in mind that if you are not able to solve it then don't do anything fancy just take assistance of anyone who knows it better.

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