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Thread: Need help to gain root access to sprint htc hero

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    Need help to gain root access to sprint htc hero

    I determine to post this here in view of the fact with the intention of I had the most horrible time endeavoring to locate out how to do this. I repeat myself a assortment, additional than itís to reiterate points. I do not position many build logs on here for the reason by means of the intention of I actually do not have comprised time to continually check the entire the discussion I am on and with the intention of I run, additional than I desire the information in sequence to be readily obtainable to everybody. I determine to do my most excellent to assist troubleshoot tribulations. This determine to run for anybody who is working with Mac OSx 10.6.1 and attempting to root a Sprint HTC Hero CDMA phone working with the Android OS as of December 15th. Alright, A couple things to add to this direct, for the absolute noob, as I be able to endeavor to explain it a diminutive additional clear. Subsequently, on the phone I had gone to Settings > Applications > Development>USB Debugging create certain by means of the intention of USB debugging is not checkered. If itís checkered later in the direct you determine to run into errors pushing the files onto the phone.

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    Re: Need help to gain root access to sprint htc hero

    These steps assume by means of the intention of you have comprised previously entered Recovery Mode on the phone commencing from side to side Terminal "adb covering reboot recovery" or the "Quick Boot" app.On phone utilizing the trackball, scroll down and choose "Nandroid v2.2 backup". This determine to generate a backup of the phone in its recently rooted state to your SD card, beneath the android directory. Subsequent to it completes the backup, most of them desire to create certain by means of the intention of most of them have comprised the backup "backed up" by copying it to our Mac (immediately in case no matter which occur to the SD card!). you7 have to choose the "USB Mass storage on" Subsequent to your SD Card come into view, copy the contents of the "nandroid" folder to wherever you desire on your Mac (You are utilizing Time Machine right) on one occasion the copy is absolute, get rid of the sdcard in mac and choose "USB Mass storage off" on the phone.

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    Re: Need help to gain root access to sprint htc hero

    Here you have to choose the "Nandroid v2.2 restore". This determine to erase the whole thing on your phone. Your phone determines to be returned to the circumstance it was in as of the most recent Nandroid backup. You be able to control which backup is restored by eliminating the unwanted, time-stamped folders surrounded by the "nandroid" directory on your SD card. If you abscond merely one time-stamped backup folder, by means of the intention of is the backup by means of the intention of determine to be restored. Make a note of with the intention of this determine to leave the custom Recovery ROM most of them loaded (recovery-RA-heroc-v1.2.3.img) in place. Essentially execute a Restore subsequent to each Backup. At the same time as this takes extra time, you be familiar by means of your Backup is intact and not corrupted in several method.

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    Re: Need help to gain root access to sprint htc hero

    For those unconscious, apps2sd permit you to save internal phone memory by insertion subsequent to market submission onto your SD card. Most users become aware of a speed advantage commencing this. You have to choose "Wipe SD: fat32+ext2+swap" here you have to twice make sure by means of the intention of it was separation appropriately by opening Disk Utility and authenticate 3 partitions on the sdcard: NONAME, disk1s2, and disk1s3. Close Disk Utility. If when you checkered Disk Utility and your SD card did not separation appropriately go subsequent to these steps. If it has partitioned appropriately, you might persist to the subsequently section you must erase the whole thing on your sd card for these steps to work. I ran into errors generating the separation. What I had to do was in the recovery mode choose factory recovery.

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    Re: Need help to gain root access to sprint htc hero

    It is significant to bring up to date do not go subsequent to the video instructions commencing from this point on (utilize them as a visual aid merely) most of them have comprised and replaced the Cyanogen Recovery Image by means of the Amon Ra one so when it says no matter which regarding the Cyanogen Recovery Image, immediately pay no attention to with the intention of and position the Amon Ra one in its place. This is extremely significant when typing into the FlashRec program. You determine to not be typing what is written in the video, type what is printed here in this process as an alternative! They are the entire AMAZING and be supposed to be thank for the entire they have comprised and completed. In excess of the past week, Matt and I worked inflexible applying this exploit to expand permanent root on the Hero. I at present have comprised permanent root to have right of entry on 2.1 down to a small number of easy steps that are detailed in this guide.

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    Re: Need help to gain root access to sprint htc hero

    The most of the people in excess of xda-developers have comprised and originate method to make available you root to have right of entry on CDMA version of HTC Hero. The HTC Hero 2.1 exploit is pedestal on the EVO rooting technique. The rooting HTC Hero Android phone make available full to have right of entry to its system files permitting you to transform the phoneís firmware and inaugurate third party apps, themes and convention ROMs. You be able to then spruce up your HTC Hero handset by means of numeral of third party submission. The development team calling themselves unrevoked exposed an executable binary called sky agent in the HTC EVO and the Sprint Hero. A subsequent executable binary called hstools was in addition originate in the HTC EVO. In addition to additional capabilities, together binaries permitted to have right of entry to the root of the phones' file systems.

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