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Thread: Unable to detect Dell AIO 924

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    Unable to detect Dell AIO 924

    I have recently purchased the Dell AIO 924 printer and I am not able to connect the same with my laptop. I donít why my system is not detecting the printer I have checked the connection and it is fine. Is there is a way that will help me to connect the printer and which is successfully detected by the Laptop. I am using the windows 7 operating system along with the windows core i3 processor. Please help me to get out of this problem.

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    Re: Unable to detect Dell AIO 924

    So this problem is totally based on the drivers I mean to say that if your system is not able to detect the hardware device then it is for sure that the drivers are not installed. So what you have to do in this case is that just inset the disk provided to you by DELL along with the printer which contains all the drivers associated. And then you have to install the appropriate drivers. I am sure that installing the drivers will help you to solve the issue.

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    Re: Unable to detect Dell AIO 924

    Well I guess the drivers which you have installed are not compatible or have got corrupted and to see whether the driver is corrupted or not just go to the device manager and see whether the drivers are missing or not and if yes then you can update the same from there itself. And also you can get the drivers form the official site of dell and by selecting the operating system you are using you can download the compatible drivers and then install it on your system to get rid of the problem.

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    Re: Unable to detect Dell AIO 924

    I was also facing the similar kind of problem and after troubleshooting the same I found that the driver was missing and then I downloaded the appropriate driver from the official site which in this case is DELL. So visit the DELL site and then download the driver you want. Keep one thi8ng in mind that you download the compatible drivers only. And if you still not able to download the drivers then just click on the link below and get the drivers downloaded directly on your system:

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    Re: Unable to detect Dell AIO 924

    If you are not able to detect the printer then there is definitely a problem with the connection of it, so do one thing just check out whether the printer is connected properly or not if yes then just disconnect it and keep it idle for a specific period of time. And in the mean time you have to check out whether the drivers are properly installed or not and if not then just update the same. And now reconnect the printer and I am sure that this time you will not get any issue, because I also use to do the same thing when my printer stops working in between.

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